Family Everything you need to know about ENT (Espace Numérique de Travail) is a website dedicated to ENT, or Espace Numérique de Travail. The ENT is a digital tool that allows students and teachers to access their courses online, to communicate with each other and to work in a collaborative way. Our article below allows you to discover everything you need to know about ENT: how to use it, what are its advantages, etc.

Everything ?

The ENT is a digital workspace that allows students and teachers to have access to all the information and tools necessary for their work. Toutatice. fr is a website that allows ENT users to find all the information they need to use the digital workspace.

Toutatice: everything you need to know about ENT

  • Toutatice is a platform that allows students and teachers to connect and work online.
  • Toutatice allows students to follow their classes, do their homework and communicate with their teachers.
  • Toutatice allows teachers to share their lessons, give assignments and communicate with their students.

Toutatice is a digital workspace (ENT) for schools. It is a platform of online services that allows students, teachers and parents to access all the information and tools necessary for school work. Toutatice offers a complete range of digital services to facilitate school work: messaging, calendar, contact lists, file sharing, blog, wiki, textbook, planning, etc. Toutatice is a secure and reliable platform that complies with European Union standards.

Toutatice is a very practical tool for school work. Indeed, it allows to easily share files and information between students, teachers and parents. Moreover, Toutatice is a secure platform that respects the standards of the European Union.

Toutatice is therefore a very practical and secure tool for school work.

Toutatice. fr is a website that provides users with information about ENT (Espace Numérique de Travail). The website is very useful for users who want to know more about ENT and how to use it.

The Digital Workspace (ENT) is the Internet platform that offers any actor of the educational community of Brittany the possibility to access all the resources and digital services related to his field of activity, whether he is a student, a teacher, an administrative and technical agent, a manager, a parent...

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The ENT is accessible from any browser connected to the Internet, using a login and a password.

This Digital Workspace is a space that offers digital resources (news, business tools, digital documentation, Nuxeo workspace, webmail...) according to the status of each user. The entire educational community (teachers, students, and administrative services) has the opportunity to document and train themselves, produce content, consult information, structure their activities, dialogue and do individual or group work. Parents can monitor the progress of their children's education.

The Toutatice project is supported by the Academy of Rennes and the Region of Brittany, in partnership with the DRAAF (Direction Régionale de l'Alimentation, de l'Agriculture et de la Forêt), the DIRM (Direction Inter-Régionale de la Mer) and the Catholic Education, and has received European funding. Toutatice is a registered trademark of the Rectorat de l'Académie de Rennes.

Here is the non-exhaustive list of colleges using the ENT :


How to successfully connect to Toutatice?

To connect to Toutatice, you will have to go to the website. The access permission is possible provided you have an active account on EduConnect. The EduConnect account is mandatory to be recognized by the Toutatice web portal. It is thus possible to simply consult the information on the account or profile.

Then select the desired profile: student, parents, administrative staff. Then, it is necessary to fill in the chosen login and password. By clicking on the <> button, the connection is initiated.

This phase is essential to ensure the security of the site and user data. The procedure provides on-line access to the user's personal profile information. There are three different ways to connect to Toutatice:

  • Registration by SMS: by creating an account on EduConnect with a login and a password. (This registration is automated and can be done by you)
  • Through the FranceConnect platform: Regular consultation of FranceConnect by a user allows him/her to access directly
  • Through the school structure: The administrative department communicates the access data by e-mail or by mail.
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How to connect to Pronote via Toutatice?

Here is the procedure to follow in 4 steps to connect to Pronote and follow your child's schooling.

1/ Go to Toutatice :

2/ Select the "student" profile and then "from a National Education establishment".

3/ Enter the login and password

4/ Then, once on the Toutatice desktop, click on "Desktop", then "School Space" to access Pronote.

  • allatice rennes

  • pronote toutatice

  • allatice pronote

  • allatice connection


How to connect to Gaia Responsables on Toutatice of the Rennes Academy?

To do this, go to and select the following path:

  • My office> My applications> ARENA business applications portal> GAIA responsible access
  • Another alternative is to go to the


PIX Toutatice: digital skills assessment

Pix will become the platform for training, assessment and certification of students' digital skills.

It will replace the B2i and C2i validation tools, based on the European reference framework of digital competences Digcomp.

The PIX platform is proposed to school structures that wish to discover it and contribute to its enrichment.

Pix is available in a "general public" version ( to allow everyone to assess their digital skills in four areas and another complementary tool, Pix Orga, designed to allow educational actors to better monitor the progress of their students and facilitate the organization of certification.
Pix is a certification system that aims to be recognized by companies, which will allow it to certify the digital knowledge of students.


Onlyoffice is present within Toutatice :

In order to provide users with new collaborative features and to give them the possibility to edit online and in groups office files (text, spreadsheet, presentation) stored in their personal or collaborative space, the designers of the Toutatice platform decided to integrate the Onlyoffice office software suite.


Toutatice Pearltrees : what is it ?


How to hack Toutatice?

This is a question that many students ask themselves in order to be able to favorably modify their school reports and the answer is no: it is not possible to hack the ENT! 😉


A bit of humor with a video of Hitler who is informed that his parents have discovered Toutacice

Lexicon to master to understand the Toutacice platform

  • L'authentication is the process of verifying the legitimacy of a user
  • Your password is the key that unlocks your account
  • Pedagogical means relating to teaching or instruction
  • A digital environment is an electronic space where users can interact with each other
  • L'access is the ability to use or obtain something
  • A username is the name by which a user is known on a computer system
  • L'national education is the Ministry of Education of France (
  • L'activation is the process of making something active or operational
  • L'schedule is a table that sets dates and times for classes, meetings, etc.
  • A digital work environment is an electronic workspace where users can create and share files and collaborate on projects
  • The high schools are educational institutions for students in grades 9 to 12
  • The Cnil is the French acronym for the Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés, the national data protection authority in France (
  • The home page is the main page of the website, usually containing links to its most important sections
  • A connection problem means that you are unable to connect to a certain website or server
  • The ministry of education is the government department responsible for education in France (
  • The term educational means anything related to education or teaching
  • A reset means that you restore the original settings of a device or program
  • Connect means establishing a link or connection between two devices or programs
  • The school life refers to everything that happens at school, from attending classes to participating in extracurricular activities
  • The college students are students who attend universities and other post-secondary institutions after completing high school
  • The digital workspaces are electronic spaces where users can work together on projects, either in teams or independently
  • Forgot your password? means that you have lost track of your password and you need to recover it
  • The access codes are special codes that allow users to access certain areas or functions of a website or computer system.
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