Why invest in a house with a garden instead of buying an apartment?

Why invest in a house with a garden instead of buying an apartment?

The search for a place to live with one's family usually involves the dilemma of whether a house with a garden or an apartment in a housing estate is the best choice. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages, which should be considered as a prelude to making a decision. Factors such as personal preference also come into play, but are often secondary. What are the advantages of a house with land that might make you choose it?

Location and environment

A home with a lot is associated with independence and freedom. This is because these projects are usually located in the suburbs, away from the busy city centres. A collection of single-family homes takes up a lot of space, which is difficult to find among compact developments. In contrast, the suburbs not only offer a lot of space, but also provide an ideal setting for family life and children's education. One example is the Wawer district in Warsaw, where such buildings are being constructed.

Buying a single-family house in Wawer has many advantages. The advantage of such an investment lies in its environment, as the neighborhood is adjacent to the Mazowiecki Landscape Park and the King Jan III Sobieski Nature Reserve, as well as Zakolem Wawerski. This provides unlimited access to recreational areas, walking and cycling, as well as opportunities for permanent contact with nature. In addition, Warsaw is only a few minutes away by train, which provides access to culture, services and shopping.

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The advantages of living in a house with a garden

A house with a plot of land or a semi-detached house with a garden also has many other advantages, thanks to which the daily standard of living of many people changes radically. The most important of these are certainly:

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Developers' new housing and the costs of purchasing and maintaining it

For many people looking for a place to live, money is a very important selection criterion. It is not only the purchase cost, but also the money spent every year for the operation. In this respect, new houses are relatively cheaper than apartments. The main factor is the rent, which amounts to several hundred zlotys per month, and with the renovation fund even exceeds 1000 zlotys.

By choosing a new house in the Wawer district of Warsaw, offered by the developer HDK Invest, you can count not only on modern technology, but also on energy efficiency, which will significantly affect maintenance costs.

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