Photovoltaic home heating installation guide

Step-by-step installation of photovoltaic home heating

The choice of heating for a house in our climate zone is unavoidable. Investors building or buying homes must decide on the optimal solution that will be cost effective and comfortable to use. Several options are popular, including solid fuel, gas or electric heating. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but none of them guarantees near-zero electricity bills.

However, in the case of photovoltaics, which is gaining in popularity, this is the most possible scenario. Photovoltaics allow you to use renewable energy sources and generate electricity for your own home needs. Photovoltaics for the home, thanks to numerous subsidies, is widely available to consumers, especially since it is easy to find companies that deal with the design and installation of photovoltaic systems, as well as help in obtaining financing.

Despite a fairly large initial investment, the expenditure on photovoltaics pays for itself after a few years, making the household independent of electricity price rises. It is therefore a solution that is well worth considering. Find out how to install a photovoltaic heater at home, step by step.

Why invest in photovoltaics?

The popularity and cost-effectiveness of PV is largely due to the promotion of environmentally friendly technologies that should gradually eliminate the problem of environmental pollution caused by the use of solid fuels.

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Due to changes in legislation, solid fuel cookers, which until recently were very popular, are no longer as cost-effective. The need to replace old, non-compliant appliances is prompting many investors to look for solutions that are advantageous in the long term. Photovoltaics is an environmentally friendly trend, with which it is possible to avoid the ever-increasing price of electricity and to generate the energy needed to heat the house and for everyday use.

Heating your home with photovoltaics

Heating your home with electricity from photovoltaic sources is possible, you just need to choose panels with an appropriate power. All you have to do is install an electric heater at home, which will be powered by photovoltaic panels. There is only one condition: find a location for the panels. Not every roof can accommodate the required panel area. In addition, it can be quite a large investment.

A more efficient solution is to heat the house with a heat pump powered by photovoltaic panels. In this case, the demand for electricity is much lower because the heat pump does not use electricity for heating, but draws heat from the environment. As a result, the efficiency of the photovoltaic system can be much lower, as the energy is used to power the heat pump. Combining these two environmentally friendly solutions to heat your home is an idea that will save you money for many years.

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Step by step installation of a photovoltaic system

The installation of photovoltaic systems is best done by a professional team, who will prepare an individual project, select the panels and equipment, deliver them and install them. You can also count on assistance in obtaining public funding and declaring the installation to the Ministry of Energy. The photovoltaic installation is carried out in a few simple steps:

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Each project requires an individual consultation, during which the energy demand, the location of the investment and the type of installation are discussed. The demand is usually calculated on the basis of electricity bills or estimates based on the number of household members and appliances that use electricity.

Photovoltaic panels are usually installed on roofs, which is dictated by good sunlight. However, it may turn out that the roof is not the right place for the installation and will not provide the optimal amount of solar energy, so another option is to install the panels on the ground. Photovoltaic companies are able to offer, based on research, the best solution and different types of installation suitable for the home.


On the basis of the analysis and the measures, an individual project is prepared, which takes into account the needs of the investor.


On a predetermined date, the installation takes place, which consists of several steps and can take one to two days:

Photovoltaic heating is an environmentally friendly solution that pays for itself after a few years. The combination of photovoltaic energy and electric heating in energy-efficient houses offers real savings and has been an option for years.

The low-energy houses built by HDK Invest are equipped with ready-to-use connections for photovoltaics, which facilitates the future installation of panels and the use of renewable energy sources as a modern way of generating electricity.

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Photovoltaic home heating is an ecological and economical solution that enables you to produce your own energy while reducing your electricity bill. By using solar panels, you can generate electricity that can then be used to heat your home. This technique also has the advantage of being autonomous and independent of the traditional electricity grid, making it particularly interesting for isolated homes or those located in rural areas. In this article, we explain step-by-step how to install your photovoltaic home heating system, from consultation to final assembly.

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