Where to eat in Lyon: the must-try restaurants in Lyon

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What time do people have dinner in Lyon?

3) Keep in mind that restaurant hours tend to be more "fixed" in Lyon than in the US. Many restaurants are closed on Sundays and Mondays, as well as the hours between lunch and dinner. Most restaurants open for dinner after 7:30 pm.

Why is Lyon the world capital of gastronomy? Lyon is first and foremost famous for its gastronomy: it has been named "gastronomic capital of the world" since 1935! The city has 20 Michelin-starred restaurants, including the Paul Bocuse restaurant, as well as many traditional restaurants called "bouchons lyonnais".

What kind of food do we eat in Lyon?

Traditional dishes of Lyon

  • Lyon Rosette.
  • Lyon sausage (sausage)
  • Andouillette (a sausage made of coarsely cut tripe)
  • Brioche sausage
  • Coq au vin.
  • Double fat (tripe cooked with onions)
  • Lyonnaise salad, lettuce with bacon, croutons and a poached egg.
  • marrons glacés.

What time do people have dinner in Provence?

In a French household, dinner - which may or may not be the main meal of the day - is generally eaten between 7:30 and 8:45 p.m. (the main French television channels schedule their main evening programs at 8:45 p.m., after dinner).

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At what time is dinner usually served in France?

The French typically dine between 7 and 9 p.m., but it is not uncommon to dine later in major metropolitan areas like Paris. Thanks to the vibrant café culture, long lunch breaks are a popular concept in France, and the French tend to enjoy a substantial meal in the middle of the day.

Where can I sleep in Lyon?

The best hotels in the Presqu'île

  • Best five-star hotel: InterContinental Lyon - Hôtel Dieu, an IHG hotel.
  • Best four-star hotel: Hôtel de l'Abbaye.
  • Best three star hotel: Hôtel Des Artistes.
  • Best budget hotel: Hotel Vaubecour.
  • Best B&B: One night at the second.
  • Best Hostel: Away Hostel & Coffee Shop.

How far is the airport from Lyon? Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport is a little over 30 km from downtown Lyon. There is no direct bus, streetcar or metro service. The "official" means of getting to and from the airport are the Rhonexpress tramway or cab.

Is there free WIFI at Lyon airport?

Free and unlimited Wifi At Lyon Airport, we let you take advantage of our network. We offer you access to an unlimited Wifi connection.

Does Lyon airport have a train station?

Located within walking distance of Terminals 1 and 2, the station provides a quick connection to the airport or your final destination.

Does Lyon airport have a lounge?

Our lounges allow you to enjoy the comfort of a quiet space to work and relax while you wait for your flight. Our lounges are only available in the reserved area. You can reserve your entrance to the lounges until the day of your departure.

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What are the foods for which Auvergne Rhône Alpes is famous?

A region renowned for the quality of its hams, sausages, pâtés and pork rillettes, classic regional dishes often include charcuterie or pork, such as daube auvergnate and cabbage soup, or cervelas lyonnais andouillettes.

For what type of food is the Auvergne most famous? The Auvergne is renowned for the quality of its pork products. The crisp mountain air is perfect for drying hams and maturing sausages.

What does the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region produce?

The Rhône-Alpes region is the leading producer of apricots and the second largest producer of peaches, raspberries, walnuts, cherries and canned tomatoes. Milk and wine production are the second most important agricultural products in Rhône-Alpes.

What is Rhône-Alpes known for?

Rhône Alpes is one of the most prosperous regions in France, famous for its alpine ski areas. But the region, which stretches from Lake Geneva to the Cevennes and Provence, is much more than the French Alps.

Lyon is known for its gastronomy rich in flavors and traditions. Among its emblematic culinary specialties, we find the brioche sausage, the apron of sapper or the quenelle. But it is especially the famous Lyon salad that attracts gourmets from all over the world with its mixture of poached eggs, grilled croutons, smoked bacon and a balsamic vinegar-based dressing. To discover these typical dishes, here is a selection of the best restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Lyon cuisine in a warm and friendly setting.
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