How to secure your home against burglary?

how to secure your home with a video surveillance system and alarm

A home is more than the proverbial "four corners" - it is a refuge that gives a sense of security. Home furnishings and equipment are a real boon to many burglars, and closed doors and windows alone are no barrier to thieves. It is worth investing in professional burglary protection to ensure the highest possible level of security. What is the most effective way to protect your home against burglary? This article will answer that question.

Securing your home against theft - what works?

The more security you have, the more security you have - that goes without saying. To turn your home into a fortress that is difficult for thieves to conquer, it is best to equip yourself :

- Burglar-proof professional doors; - Burglar-proof windows (optional - roller shutters or grilles); - Burglar-proof window fittings; - Secure garage door; - Alarm system; - Exterior building lighting; - CCTV.

An additional form of protection can be home insurance, but remember that more favourable terms can be obtained if the property is equipped with the certified anti-theft systems mentioned above.

Protecting your home against burglary - which doors and windows to choose?

Locking doors and windows is the foundation of security - over 20 % of burglaries are committed through unlocked doors or windows. When deciding to purchase burglar-resistant windows and doors, pay attention to the following - The burglar class (one of three); - The construction of the windows and doors.

The higher the class, the greater the protection. The steel construction of the door leaf and frame provides an effective barrier to a burglar. If your house has glass doors, it is useful to cover the glass with a layer of strong plexiglass (about 7-10 mm). This will prevent the glass from breaking and the burglar from entering the house.

Burglar resistant windows - what to look for before you buy

Windows can be fitted with roller shutters, grills or burglar resistant shutters. If you think that such a measure would alert burglars to the valuables in your home, you can install armoured glass and burglar-proof devices on your windows. High-quality armored windows are made up of two panels of strong glass and several layers of protective film. At first glance, they look like ordinary windows, but they are effective in deterring thieves from making unwanted visits to our home.

Burglar-proof equipment - what are their characteristics?

Burglar-proof fittings are equipped with handles with a latch (or key), strong inserts that prevent drilling, as well as special mushroom-shaped rollers, thanks to which it is practically impossible to swing the windows from the frames. It is necessary to check the quality and certificates of certain elements - they should be characterized by a significantly increased strength.

Home security systems - which electrical safety devices to install?

An alarm system is a very effective way to deter a thief. The system is usually connected to motion detectors located in critical areas of our home - after activation (while we are away or at night), if motion is detected in the monitored areas, a very loud pulsating sound is activated. This is a very effective way to get rid of an intruder from your property. It is best to combine the alarm system with a security service. Within minutes of the alarm going off (and without calling the team), a trained team will arrive and surely apprehend the thief.

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Home security - is outdoor lighting effective?

Another system worth investing in is exterior lighting (often chosen with time switches). The main task of this system is to simulate the presence of household members - often enough to deter a potential burglar. Timers can be integrated with other appliances in the home, such as the television, which greatly increases the effect.

Burglary protection - cameras outside and inside the house

CCTV cameras are an outdated technology. The best choice is IP cameras, which require a power source and access to a wireless network. They send real-time video to servers, so you can access your surveillance from anywhere (provided you have internet access).

Cameras can be installed in visible or hidden locations - a possible unwanted guest in the house may not even know they are being recorded. The choice of camera locations can be consulted with professionals - they have a lot of experience, which is worth taking advantage of.

How to secure your home - common sense is key

What should we keep in mind to prevent burglars from entering our homes? Here are some valuable tips:

- Don't leave wrappers from TVs, computers, consoles and other equipment in the trash; - Don't leave doors and windows open, even when you go out "for a while"; - Cover windows, especially after dark - don't give thieves a chance to see in; - Trim greenery on the property - it's a potential hiding place for burglars ;

Common sense combined with technology will greatly reduce the risk of burglary.

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