Finishing an apartment in winter - how to do it?

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Renovation or finishing of an apartment is usually planned between spring and autumn. This is because some construction work requires appropriate conditions to ensure a lasting and aesthetic effect. These include the temperature and humidity of the air. If you buy a shell apartment in the last months of the year, you should plan its finishing in the least favorable period. Is painting in winter a good idea?

Real estate development - what can you count on?

Buying an apartment from a developer means that several construction and finishing jobs will have to be done before you can move in. It is not entirely possible to determine what type of work they are, as there is no definition of the developer's standard. In practice, the condition in which you buy a house or apartment depends entirely on the investor, which must be specified in detail in the contract.

No matter how far along the finishing work is, you will certainly have something left to do. Usually, inside, you will find plastered walls, an installed heating system, water and sewage system, electricity and gas network and a concrete floor. Therefore, finishing a developer's apartment requires works such as:

The stages of flat finishing

When finishing your home, you need to plan the work ahead of time so that you don't end up destroying what has already been done. This means that if you want to replace electrical outlets, you can't paint a room beforehand. When planning construction work in the winter, you also need to adapt it to the weather at the time. If the weather forecast is for heavy frosts, it is best not to plan any screeding or plastering work for that period. The steps in finishing an apartment, which will help you to bring order, streamline your work and speed it up, are as follows:
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How to finish an apartment in winter?

Construction work in winter can be carried out as successfully as in other months of the year. It is essential to provide the right conditions and equipment, such as heaters to speed up the drying of paints. Proper transportation of materials is also important. Transporting paints on public transport or in an open van carries the risk of the paint freezing and losing its properties.

When plastering or painting, it is also necessary to ventilate the rooms properly. Combined with optimal heating, this will ensure that the plastering dries evenly and that moisture is removed from the interior. Heaters should not be set to dry a particular area of the wall. This could lead to an uneven surface structure.

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Contract for finishing an apartment with a construction company

One of the best ways to finish your apartment in winter is to use a specialist construction company. Often, these services are offered by the developer themselves, giving you a choice between a developer's state apartment and a turnkey standard. If you don't want to tackle painting or sink installation on your own, and you don't know which winter renovation jobs require specific environmental conditions, leave it to the specialists.

The flat finish contract should include a detailed list of the work and the requirements it must meet, time frames for starting and finishing the work, and financial issues such as the price of the service or the method of payment. The cost of the finish will differ depending on the form of finish. It will be determined by both the work done and the finishing materials you choose.

L’hiver est souvent considéré comme une période difficile pour les travaux de construction ou de rénovation. Cependant, il est tout à fait possible de terminer un appartement durant cette saison. Pour cela, il faut prendre certaines précautions et suivre des étapes précises. Avant tout, il est important d’analyser les avantages et inconvénients liés à la finition d’un appartement en hiver. Parmi les avantages, on peut citer une plus grande disponibilité des entreprises du bâtiment, des tarifs plus avantageux et une meilleure planification du temps nécessaire pour réaliser le projet. Toutefois, cette période présente également quelques contraintes telles que le risque de retard lié aux intempéries ou encore l’augmentation des coûts énergétiques pour chauffer le chantier. En prenant ces éléments en compte, vous pouvez préparer au mieux votre projet afin qu’il se déroule dans les meilleures conditions possibles.

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