Advantages of living in a single-family home

Advantages of living in a single-family home - why invest in your own home?

When we already own an apartment, many of us think we want more. More space, a yard for the kids to play in, your own swimming pool or a terrace to spend warm evenings. What are the main advantages of living in a detached house?

The single-family home, a dream for Poles

Many surveys confirm that one of the biggest dreams of Poles is to buy or build their own home. In 2020, the interest in these properties has further intensified, which is explained by the fact that for a long time we could not leave our apartments. Anyone who owns their own home can use the backyard. For apartment owners, there was a big problem: children were not allowed to play in the playgrounds and be outside for weeks. That's why interest in land and houses has increased. Such an investment is certainly the right decision that can bring many benefits.

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Advantages of living in a single-family home

Trading in your apartment for a house can be a life changing step. There's no denying that owning a property with a garden comes with a lot of responsibilities, but once you experience the benefits of owning a single-family home, the extra chores will stop bothering you. Wondering if it's worth it to opt for a house? Here are the main positives of making the switch:

How much does a single-family home cost?

You already know that a single-family home is what you need? But you are wondering how much it costs? Take a look at the description of our Rozmaryn estate. You can choose a detached house with a different floor space, located on a plot of land that fits your needs. The price of the house depends on what you decide. Bet on a modern and energy-efficient house in Warsaw, located in a quiet and green area (Wawer), with good access to the centre of Warsaw. You can choose from three types of buildings.

How much does it cost to maintain such a property? As mentioned, the monthly expenses may be less than an apartment several times smaller, but the possibilities offered by owning a single-family home are incomparable. Do you have any doubts? Contact us - we'll clear them up and tell you why it's worth making such an investment.

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