Family vacations: the ideal destinations to enjoy the beach with your children

Where to go to the beach with children?

Which country with small children?

Martinique is the destination of choice for a perfect family vacation. Between its enchanting landscapes, its gentle way of life and especially its beautiful beaches with clear and shallow waters, young and old will be amazed.

Where to go with a toddler ? With the youngest, we opt for a ride in a curragh or an electric boat on the lakes of Sainte-Croix or Esparron. With the older ones, we undertake a family rafting or canyoning trip, from 7 years old.

Which country to visit with child 4 years old?

  • Morocco. For me, Morocco is the ideal destination for your first family trip outside Europe.
  • Quebec City. Even though I haven't been there with children, I find Quebec City to be a great destination for a first family trip...
  • South Africa. ...
  • Jordan. ...
  • Thailand. ...
  • Senegal. ...
  • Vietnam.

Where to go on vacation with 3 young children?

Lanzarote is suitable for the age of children. Otherwise in a Spanish car like Asturias. There are far fewer tourists than the Mediterranean coast - because the Atlantic is colder. 1 to 2 days by car from Paris.

Where to go to the sea with the children?

Top 5 seaside vacations with children in France

  • TOP 1 | île de Ré
  • VVF Villages of Ile-de-Ré les Salines.
  • VVF Villages Île-de-Ré les Dunes.
  • BARR 2 | The Arcachon Basin.
  • VVF Villages of Cap Ferret.
  • VVF Villages La Ville d'Eté in Arcachon.
  • TOP 3 | Brittany.
  • VVF Villages of the Emerald Coast in Saint-Cast-le-Guildo.
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How to travel with a baby without an ID card?

You will need to provide a copy of one of the parents' identity documents, proof of address, a birth certificate dated less than 3 months, the application form, of course, as well as two identical passport photos that comply with current standards.

Is the family booklet sufficient to build the plane? You will need to present a valid document. The airline verifies the identity of all travelers, whether they are minors or not. You will need to show your passport. A photo is not included in the family booklet or proof of application for an ID card or passport.

How to make a baby ID?

To apply for a national identity card for a minor, the child and his/her guardian must go to the town hall with the necessary documents. The documents to be presented depend on the child's situation and in particular on whether he or she has a secure passport.

Is it possible to travel without an ID card?

If you are French, you can go to the Schengen area countries: Content title without presenting your identity card or passport at the border. However, it is recommended to have your passport or identity card to prove your identity if necessary.

When choosing a child-friendly vacation destination, it's important to take into account a number of criteria, such as the age of the children, their interests, the climate, the activities available on site and the services offered by the accommodation. For example, if you're traveling with a baby, it's best to opt for destinations offering adapted facilities such as changing tables and childcare equipment. Likewise, if you have several children of different ages, it may be a good idea to choose a destination offering a variety of activities to meet everyone's needs and desires. By taking the time to evaluate these different criteria before you leave, you can be sure that your vacation will be a successful and enjoyable one for the whole family. the complete guide to the ENT (Digital Workspace)

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