Family activities in North-West France

The best activities to do with your family in the North West of France!

For fun Sing in a private karaoke room - 7 € per person per hour. Try bowling strike - 6 € per person. Take a family circus class in the world's smallest circus - 35€ parents + child. Participate in the Grand Prix on a karting circuit - From 3 years old - 5 or 15 € depending on age.

Where to go as a 3 year old?

Adventure park, animal park, garden... A lot of fun in the four corners of Wallonia and Brussels!

  • Parc des Topiaires (Luxembourg) ...
  • Sortilège (Brussels) ...
  • Malagne, Archaeological Park of Rochefort (Namur) ...
  • Massembre Zone (Namur) ...
  • Forestia (Liege) ...
  • The levels of the Scheldt (Hainaut)

What age for extracurricular activities?

From kindergarten on, extracurricular activities help children develop their motor skills, concentration and ability to live well in the community. From the age of 3 onwards, there are early learning and discovery classes for various activities (gymnastics, music, dance, etc.)

What extracurricular activity should I do at age 6? From the age of 6, children have more choices. Volleyball, basketball, soccer... Team sports are open to them. They can also practice horseback riding or swimming.

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What activity at 5 years?

Piano, singing, gym, theater, creative workshops, dance, horseback riding... there is no shortage of ideas to get them going! Before the age of 5, let's face it, it's often the parents who take the initiative to register their child in an activity.

What exit to do with children?

For fun Sing in a private karaoke room â€"7†per person per hour. Try bowling strike â€"6†per person. Take a family circus class in the world's smallest circus - parent of one child. Participate in the Grand Prix on a karting circuit - From 3 years old - 5 or 15 years old depending on age.

What is the difference between after-school and extracurricular activities?

Answer from the Ministry of National Education In accordance with article R. 227-1 of the Social and Family Action Code, extracurricular activities are those that take place on non-school days and extracurricular activities that take place on school days.

What are extracurricular activities? That complement school, extracurricular education, while keeping a direct contact with it. Example: All Wednesday afternoons were devoted to extracurricular activities such as going to the pool or the movies.

What is after-school time?

Extracurricular time is the time spent at school outside of compulsory classes: in the morning, in the evening or at lunch. This time is more limited for elementary school students, who leave for school later - 77 % after 8 a.m. - and return home sooner than middle school students.

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What is extracurricular?

Extracurricular" time occurs when children are not in school, i.e., during school vacations or a full day without school. The "extra-curricular" time, on the other hand, takes place on school days.

If you're looking for toddler-friendly activities, there are plenty of options in northwest France. For children aged 3 to 5, we recommend playful visits such as zoos or aquariums, which offer an enriching educational experience. Interactive museums are also an excellent option for stimulating their curiosity and creativity. And don't forget that amusement parks also offer rides that are accessible to the youngest visitors!
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