10 idées pour occuper votre jeune enfant à la plage

How to keep baby busy at the beach?

Beach vacations are always a pleasure for parents, but it is important to choose the right place. There is no better place than the one where your child can enjoy the sea and swim. To help you find the right swimming spot for your toddlers, this article is going to present you with ideas of activities to do with them during the seaside vacations.


Sand Baths:

Babies love to play with sand and pebbles. So it's great to take your little one to the beach to play in the sand. You can also put him on a towel or blanket to bask in the sun while you go out and get shells or pebbles from the water. This is a great time for you and your child. You can also take your child on a trip to the beach and make sandcastles.

Water Baths:

It's also great to take little ones to the beach to play with water. You can give them a big tub or a big tank to splash around and have fun in the water safely. This is a great game you can offer your baby during your family vacation. You can also take them to the seaside to swim in the water and enjoy the waves and the sea.

Water games:

You can also take your child to do water activities with you, such as a walk in the pool, sunbathing or swimming. This way you can play with the baby in the water and offer fun activities like swimming, jet skiing, pedal boating, etc.

Water games:

You can also take your child to play water games with you. This is a very interesting and entertaining activity that allows children to develop their motor skills and agility in the water. You can suggest different activities such as fishing, climbing or water polo.

How to dress 4 month old baby at the beach?

At the beach, babies need to be dressed for sun protection. Wear simple clothes, hats and sunglasses. And we cover the uncovered parts (arms, legs, face) with great protection against the sun's rays for infants.


How to make baby sleep at the beach?

On the beach, to help the child relax, you can replace the lullaby or bright light with a cuddle. Can a baby sleep under an umbrella at the beach? It is best to avoid it, as the baby may be exposed to strong sunlight which can cause burns.

How much water for baby? For the pediatrician, it is possible to take the baby to the beach from three months. Even at that age, he had no particular interest in it. 

How to make baby sleep on the beach?

Take something to put the baby to play in comfort on a large towel. It will also be useful for diaper changes. There is also a UV tent that will protect the baby from the sun. Also bring plenty of water and snacks.


Les jeux d’eau sont un incontournable lorsqu’il s’agit d’occuper un jeune enfant à la plage. Il existe une multitude de jouets adaptés aux enfants qui permettent de jouer dans l’eau en toute sécurité. Les seaux, les pelles et les arrosoirs sont des classiques qui ne se démodent pas. Les ballons d’eau ou les pistolets à eau offrent également des moments amusants en famille. N’oubliez pas que même si votre enfant sait nager, il est important de toujours le surveiller attentivement lorsqu’il joue dans l’eau.
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