How to install an electric car charging station?

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What is a charging station?

The word "terminal" is a common term, but not necessarily the one used to designate the function it designates. A gas station, for example, is used to fill up with gasoline or diesel; it can also be used to recharge the batteries of electric cars.
Electric vehicles are mainly charged at public charging stations. These have been widely developed since the 2010s.

What are the types of charging stations?

Most of the time, electric vehicles are plugged into a conventional electrical outlet. This is called a "home" charging station. It can be installed at home, or in the garage, but it is often placed outside.
There are also charging stations for electric cars that only work when they are plugged into an electrical outlet. This type of station is called a "fast charging station".
Electric vehicles are mainly charged at public charging stations. These are often installed on the road or in public parking lots.

What are the types of plugs for an electric car?

There are several types of electrical outlets, and each type has its own technical specifications: domestic outlet, reinforced outlet (or E/F), combo outlet (or 2,3).
The choice of the type of plug depends primarily on the type of electric vehicle that is connected.

How to connect and recharge an electric car?

Charging an electric vehicle is mainly done by plugging the charging cable into the vehicle's connector. There are two types of connectors: "type 2" and "type 1".
Charging cables for electric vehicles are designed for slow charges, i.e. less than 7.4 kW (11 A). For fast charges, above 7.4 kW (11 A), so-called "type 2" charging cables are used.
There are two types of charging stations for electric vehicles. The "standard" charging stations and the "fast" charging stations.
A "standard" recharging station is usually placed outside, in a parking lot, on a car space or on the road (public parking). It consists of a standard electrical socket and a connector that allows the cable to be connected.
A "fast" recharging station is generally placed in a parking lot, inside a building or on the road (public parking lot). It consists of a connector that allows the connection of the cable.

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What is Wallbox ?

A Wallbox, or charging station, is an electrical outlet that allows rapid charging of an electric vehicle at home. The Wallbox is connected to the vehicle's charging cable and allows charging at the power level chosen by the user.
Most new vehicles on sale are compatible with Wallbox outlets. Older models may not be.

How to recharge your vehicle?

To charge your electric vehicle, there are two types of plugs:
The classic domestic socket (or reinforced socket)
There are different models of home plugs. The most common are the "wallbox" or "wallbox terminals", which plug into the home, and the "plug-in" (compatible plugs) which plug into a public terminal. The latter generally allow the vehicle to be charged at the power level chosen by the user. There are also so-called "smart home" plugs. They allow the user to remotely manage the charging power and thus avoid overcharging.

How much does it cost to install a charging station?

The price of a charging station varies depending on the manufacturer and the options it incorporates. The minimum cost of a standard charging station is . The prices of the different charging stations can be consulted on the "Prices" page of the official website.
Most providers offer packages for the installation of one or more kiosks, with a fixed price for a set period.
There are also no-commitment plans, which allow you to use the provider's services at any time.
Most suppliers offer a free after-sales service for customers who have purchased their terminal on their website.
The charging stations can be used by electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, but also by all other types of vehicles equipped with a charging system.

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Is there funding available for the installation of charging stations?

The law on the orientation of mobility (LOM) provides for local authorities to participate financially in the deployment of infrastructure for recharging electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles, but also in the costs of connection.
The LOM law also provides for an obligation to install charging infrastructure in parking lots with more than 20 spaces for new buildings used mainly for tertiary or industrial purposes and equipped with parking spaces for employees.

How to install an electric car charging station?

The charging stations are installed in public parking lots, private parking lots open to the public, or in condominiums. Installations are generally simple and quick to implement. All you need is a large enough outdoor space to accommodate the charging station. The installation by a professional installer takes only a few hours, without heavy work.

Who installs the charging stations?

Most of the time, the installation of charging stations is done by the public electricity and gas network managers. There are also companies specialized in this field, such as electricians who offer turnkey solutions.

It is recommended that a quotation for charging station to get a cost estimate for your installation.

The charging stations can be installed by an IRVE professional in different places: at your home, in your condominium, in a shopping center parking lot or in a parking lot.

What is the best charging station?

To find the best electric car charging station, you need to consider several criteria:
The type of plug: the choice of the type of plug is determining for the performances and the autonomy of the battery. There are terminals that allow a recharge in 6 to 8 hours, others in 22 to 24 hours.
The power of the charger: the power of the charger determines the autonomy of the battery. The more powerful the charger, the longer the recharge will last.

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Which EDF subscription for a charging station?

If you wish to install a charging station at your home, the EDF subscription is most often proposed by the majority of suppliers. It is a fixed monthly price that includes electricity and the provision of the charging station. The rate varies according to the supplier, but it is generally between 10 € and 30 €.
However, if you wish to install a terminal in a parking lot, you will have to take out a dedicated subscription with the parking lot manager.

The Wallbox is a specific type of charging station that allows a faster charge than the classic domestic socket. It connects directly to the electrical grid and can be easily installed in the garage or on the outside wall of a house. Most models are compatible with several types of electric cars and have an intelligent system that adapts the power according to the vehicle's needs. Some models also offer advanced options such as time scheduling or remote management via a dedicated mobile app.

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