Complete guide to choosing and using a metal laser engraver

The metal laser engraver is a device for engraving metal objects.

It can be a logo, a professional plaque, a street sign, or a text on a coin. This machine is widely used by professionals for engraving coins or commemorative plaques. But it can also be used for personal use. We will see that in more detail in this article.

metal laser engraver and engraving

Metal laser engraver : the top of the laser engraving machines

There are several types of metal laser engravers.

The difference between these machines is the technology used to engrave metal objects. Generally, laser engravers can be divided into three categories:

  • Models with a visible light beam
  • The models with an optical fiber
  • Infrared wave models

Metal laser engraver: what you need to know to get started

Indeed, the metal laser engraver is a device for engraving metal objects.

It can be a logo, a professional plate, a street sign or a text on a coin. It is therefore an ideal tool for engraving and printing texts and images on different types of media such as nameplates, letters and metal badges.

The metal laser engraver is equipped with either infrared (IR) or visible (V) beam technology. In this case it will be called "IR engraver" or "V engraver". An IR engraver is more suitable for engraving logos and patterns because it uses a lower wavelength than a visible beam laser (V). The V laser, on the other hand, has a longer wavelength and is therefore suitable for engraving text due to its extreme fineness.

  • How to choose between an IR burner and a V?
  • The cheapest type: The least expensive technology is simply buying a fixture that uses a dual light source instead of the traditional radiant tube.
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Metal laser engraver: how to choose the best machine for you

There are different types of metal laser engravers, and it is important to know that the quality of the result will depend on the device used. Choosing a metal laser engraver can be complicated if you don't know which model to choose.

Here are our tips for choosing the best device for your needs.

Metal laser engraver : the advantages of metal laser marking

Laser marking on metal is a process that allows to mark metal objects, using a light beam.

It can be a logo, a business sign, a street sign, or even a text on a coin.

What are the advantages of laser metal marking? First of all, laser marking on metal is economical: it offers you the possibility to reduce your costs compared to traditional techniques such as chemical engraving or sandblasting.

When machines use this technique to etch images and logos on stainless steel or anodized aluminum plates (for exterior surfaces), they do not require the use of ultraviolet radiation typically used to treat organic surfaces such as wood and leather. This means you can engrave almost any type of raw material without the toxic solvents typically associated with this type of process.

  • Laser marking also allows a high quality
  • The machine is able to engrave with precision and speed.

Metal laser engraver : the different laser engraving techniques

There are different laser engraving techniques: direct engraving, laser cutting and thermal transfer marking.

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Direct engraving consists of engraving the metal object without going through the drawing or retouching stages. This technique applies to texts as well as to images, because it allows to obtain faithful results. To do this, it is necessary to use a specialized software that supports this technique.

Laser cutting is another technique to engrave metal objects with precision. It can be used to create patterns on jewelry, to make goldsmith's pieces or to make a professional plate... Thermal transfer marking is also another solution to mark text on metal and to obtain a very clear and durable result thanks to the use of a special transparent adhesive tape called "tape".


Metal laser engraver : how to clean and maintain your machine

To clean a metal laser engraver, you need to get the right tools. First, you should use a brass brush to scrub away any dust and dirt that may have accumulated on your machine.

You can also use fine grit sandpaper, so that the effort is more effective and the result is much more satisfactory.

It is important to regularly clean your metal laser engraver to prevent it from breaking down or losing print quality.

Metal laser engraver: the best laser engraving software

Metal laser engraver: the best laser engraving software? The advantages of metal laser engraver are numerous. Indeed, the laser engraver allows you to engrave with great precision a text or a logo on different types of metal objects such as professional plates, coins, etc. This is why it is interesting to invest in this type of device which offers the possibility of considerably reducing costs when one wishes to affix one's name or brand on different supports. Moreover, the engraver can be used by individuals and companies to create personalized objects such as key rings or to display an advertising message through a nameplate.

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The laser engraver is also very useful to decorate various objects such as jewelry and personal accessories (bracelets), cars ... To make the most of the operation of the metal laser engraver, you can follow these steps :

  • Buy a complete kit
  • Program your machine

Metal laser engraver: tips for using your machine

It is important to know that there are different types of metal laser engravers. Indeed, there is the metal laser engraver portable and the one that is in a fixed station. In order to use your machine properly, you can carefully read the instructions in the product's manual or simply ask a specialist to inform you about the various operations possible with this equipment.

Laser marking is an engraving technique that has many advantages over traditional marking. Indeed, this method allows a great precision in the engraving and offers clean and durable results. Laser marking does not require ink or other chemical substances, which makes it an environmentally friendly method. In addition, the process is fast and can be automated, which significantly reduces the time required for mass production. Finally, it is possible to use different techniques to achieve different visual effects such as color or depth of engraving.

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In conclusion, the metal laser engraver is the essential tool for engraving metal plates, with exceptional results. Fiber lasers are also very well suited for this type of use, but they do not allow to engrave the material as easily as a CO2 laser.

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