The perfect communion organization: tips and tricks

The ultimate checklist for organizing a communion

Your child has grown up and will soon make his communion. This is the moment for him to take communion for the first time, to be closer to Christ, to "eat his body" through the host received from the priest, in order to commemorate the last meal of Jesus Christ with his disciples (the Last Supper). And if it is customary to choose the month of May to live this passion of Christ, this religious service can also take place in the other months of the year. As the Big Day is fast approaching, you are wondering how to organize a communion? 

We give you some tips to make your communion as unique as original.  

Communion organization: invitations

The date of your child's communion celebration is noted in the calendar. All you have to do is to organize yourself so that everyone who matters is there with you. And just like a wedding, it is better not to plan too early or too late. In general, 3 to 4 months before the date is enough to invite them. Depending on your budget, think about booking the place of the festivities and the caterer. Once you have done this, you can start making the announcement for the communion. Kept for years, the announcement is an important step in your child's communion. To mark the spirits, bet on a personalized announcement. Original, classic, atypical, multiple, with or without photo, photo booth or postcard style let Cottonbird guide you in creating a high quality invitation. Rely on quality paper, delicate printing and professional finishing for a perfect, elegant result. Make the choice of a careful invitation to make this appointment a moment of pure magic. 

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Communion organization: the symbols

An important step in the development of your child's faith, communion is a second birth after baptism. And if you have chosen the invitation with great care, think about the other symbols as well. Indeed, white should be the common thread of his communion. From the decoration of the reception room to the clothes of your child and the choice of the guests' clothes, choose white. Of course you can add a touch of color with balloons and copper gold confetti, pink flowers or blue table decorations for example. And whether you opt for fine white china or fancy tableware, put the most beautiful white ones and distill pretty crosses in the elements of decoration to recall the communion. As the centerpiece of this event, the Cross is a must-have symbol! It can be pretty embroideries on napkins, confetti in the shape of a cross, crosses drawn on water bottles, a linen garland with the name of your child decorated with golden crosses for example. 

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Communion organization: the little extras

As for a wedding, here again call upon a photographer to immortalize the moment. It is the opportunity to create a timeless album of memories thanks to the eye and the equipment of an expert. This professional will help you take beautiful pictures throughout the communion. At the same time, don't forget the guestbook. And there ends the book! Make room for a more creative guestbook. It can be an open frame in which you slip wings or pretty feathers on which your guests have written a small message, a painting symbolizing a tree that everyone will complete by writing pretty words like an enchanted foliage. You can also rent a photobooth. Choose the frame of your choice and ask each guest to take a picture. All that's left to do is to assemble all the photos in a single frame, forming a heart. As a side note, because it is customary to give gifts to the communicants, include some ideas for sober gifts, carefully chosen so that they are as timeless as possible. Finally, to close this magnificent day and thank your guests for all the attention they have received, think of offering a small gift, beyond the traditional sugared almonds. It can be a card to sow, a natural scented candle, a natural soap, a jar of jam, homemade cookies ... also think about upcycling your everyday objects to offer an eco-friendly guest gift.                                              
The first essential step in organizing a communion is sending out invitations. For this, it's important to choose the right format and design to reflect the spirit of this religious event. Remember to include all the necessary information, such as date, time and place. Don't hesitate to personalize each invitation by adding a photo or a personal message to make the day even more special.                                                                                

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