How to choose the right online bank? Criteria to consider

A bank account is undoubtedly an efficient way to secure and save funds. But opening a bank account is not always an easy task, given the various and multiple administrative formalities and trips to be made in this context. To avoid these administrative procedures and / or travel, some people prefer to opt for online bank accounts. Discover through this article the criteria to take into account to choose your online bank.

The fluid and ergonomic character of its application

The main advantage of having an online banking account is that you can You can open it whenever and wherever you want. Some platforms are more streamlined than others. On the other hand, some financial companies may offer a range of dematerialized services.

This is the case for managing authorized spending limits or blocking bank cards via the Internet. Compared to online banks, neophyte banks in the Fintech sector do not lack anything. However, it is possible in advance to refer to a article comparing the best online banks in France to know where to start the comparisons.

Suggested types of banking products

Among the basics that exist, we can reveal:

  • The consultation of his bank account online;
  • The realization of simple operations (transfer on the national or international level);
  • Obtaining a current account statement.

These can be offered as packages with banking services such as a limited number of cash withdrawals over an interval of months. The same applies to the cashing of cheques, the setting up of SEPA transfers. Better yet, access to a personalized online banker.

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The financial aspect and the nature of the bank card

The offers proposed in order to receive his bank card are made according to each bank. Some of them offer a choice among a range of bank cards (Visa Classic card, Mastercard or Gold Mastercard...), but not only. In addition to these, there are various offers and advantages such as the concierge service and free withdrawals abroad.

In addition, platforms such as Hero Finance offer their clients the free card for all account subscriptions. Nevertheless, to make the offer attractive, the services related to the use of the card should be in accordance with your requirements. This also implies the amount of international transactionstravel insurance for business trips.

Having an online bank account undoubtedly provides considerable advantages. However, when choosing your online bank, you should also consider the rates of your online bank. The same applies to the above-mentioned criteria.

When choosing an online bank, it's important to consider a number of factors. In addition to the financial aspect and the nature of the bank card, you also need to consider the fluidity and ergonomics of the application. Indeed, an easy-to-use application will facilitate your daily transactions and help you avoid costly mistakes. However, another crucial aspect is often overlooked: customer service. Good support can help you quickly if you encounter problems with your account or bank card. So, before making your final choice, make sure that the quality of customer service is satisfactory and that you can easily contact a competent advisor if necessary.

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