These hyper practical equipments for baby

These hyper practical equipments for baby

Often, when we prepare the arrival of a baby, we make a birth list, we buy a lot of equipment, we ask the family to lend us this or that accessory.... And in these basics, there are not a lot of small accessories or innovative equipment that can simplify your life and that we don't always think about! Some examples below!

For a cozy bed that's always clean

Yes, you have thought about the cot, the adapted mattress, the bassinet, maybe even an umbrella bed for the next vacation? And the sheets. But have you thought about a mattress protector ? Usually not, until the first accident in the bed! So don't hesitate to stock up on mattress covers, at least 3 or 4 in order to have a stock and to turn easily (yes, yes, the washing machine turns non-stop with the arrival of a baby!), and to choose a really good quality one: either in cotton or in bamboo, and of course, waterproof. 

Rings for teeth

The appearance of the first teeth varies from one baby to another, from the first months of life to the end of the first year for others. And in all cases, during teethingIf you're not sure what to do, the little one will be in pain and will need a little help, or at least to relieve the pain. And there are great teething rings for that, in plastic or rubber for a more natural material. And some can even be put in the refrigerator to further relieve baby's pain. Besides, on some soft toys or activity stuffed animals, you'll notice that there's always a part that allows baby to teethe, and that's quite practical.

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The baby carrier or sling

Ideal to go out in all lightness with baby! The stroller is sometimes cumbersome and, depending on the city, not always easy to handle when the sidewalks are too small or absent. The baby carrier is really practical in everyday life, just like the sling, it even allows you to breastfeed the baby if needed! And very often, snuggled up against you, he will nap without any problem! 

The anti-UV t-shirt

If you pass a few days with the family at the beachYou will have to equip your baby and above all, avoid hot hours. The best is to go to the water's edge at the very beginning of the morning or after 4 pm. And one covers well baby: in particular thanks to a T-shirt UV long sleeves, hat, solar cream and water slipper so that it is well protected from the sun. 

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