How do you take care of your motorcycle every day?

How to keep your bike upright?

How to protect your motorcycle when it is sleeping outside?

If your motorcycle has to sleep outside, offer it a (special motorcycle) cover and not a waterproof 100% construction cover. If the cover is (too) waterproof, there is a risk of condensation and therefore of corrosion. Motorcycle covers have a (breathable) textile that allows moisture to escape properly.

Where to store your motorcycle?

Above all, it is ideal to store your motorcycle away from humidity and, if possible, from the cold of winter. The garage remains the ideal place to store your motorcycle for a long time.

How to protect your motorcycle when you have no garage?

Re: Protecting your motorcycle without a garage And if you are at home, the best solution is a mobile protection (no taxes) or an old trailer fitted out for (or directly an old cattle trailer).

How to turn slowly on a motorcycle?

The bike will then straighten up and go for the U-turn in the opposite direction. At the entrance of a turn, apply a good pressure on the rear brake to slow down strongly and help to turn the handlebar until the stop. One turns over (rotation of the shoulders and the head), one turns and hop! one restarts...

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How to make a successful U-turn on a motorcycle?

It is a question of making a complete turn at a steady idle of 1, without gas, without brakes (neither front nor rear), without touching the clutch. The motorcycle must move forward "on its own", at a steady idle, with a stable engine speed of around 1,000 rpm.

How to make your motorcycle stand upright?

To save space without worrying too much, you can already turn the handlebars all the way to the right when it's on the kickstand.

How do you make a motorcycle stand up?

Rotate the bike by pressing hard on the rear (right hand), rotate it several times until you feel it start to unbalance itself. As it moves forward, add a pull on the right arm.

How do you make a motorcycle fit?

The jack: the last resort for raising your two-wheeler. As with cars, it is possible to use a jack to maintain your motorcycle. This system for raising the rear wheel of the vehicle is particularly welcome for lubricating the rear wheel chain, for example.

How to avoid dropping your bike?

Gravel on the ground This habit can be beneficial. If the kickstand is placed on a damaged or gravel ground, it will not hold and will cause the motorcycle and rider to fall. In other cases, the rider puts his foot on the ground, slips and ends up on the ground.

If you're not lucky enough to have a garage in which to store your motorcycle away from the elements, it's possible to find alternative solutions. You can opt for a waterproof cover that will protect your two-wheeler from UV rays and rain. If you have a garden, you can also install a tarpaulin or tent specially designed for motorcycles. In all cases, make sure your motorcycle is on a central or side stand to prevent it from falling over. And remember to check its general condition regularly, and clean it if necessary.

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