Practical tips for parking and securing your motorcycle

How to park your motorcycle in your garage?

How to secure your motorcycle in your garage?

In your garage or stall, a closed loop or one secured with anti-lock screws is a good retarder.

  • Good: anchor point / Bad: ground lock.
  • Locking the front wheel (which is easily removed) without fixing it to a fixed point, an easy solution to avoid!

How not to have your motorcycle stolen?

There are a few basic rules for this:

  • Attach the bike to the frame, if not to the front wheel. ...
  • If you have a chain, don't let it touch the ground, you will cut it more easily.
  • Choose a product approved by your insurance company: SRA, NF or FFMC.

How to protect your garage against theft?

6 tips for optimal safety!

  • Reinforce the locks of your garages. ...
  • Smile, your garages have been filmed. ...
  • Discreet: protect the windows of your garages. ...
  • Garage alarm. ...
  • Motion detector suitable for garages. ...
  • Presence simulator, imagine it as your garage.

Where to put your bike when you don't have a garage?

Ideal location for long-term parking: look for a place that is well visible and well lit if it is night, without obstructing pedestrians who could be injured by hitting a two-wheeler or burning on the exhaust.

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Where to park your motorcycle in town?

Park your bike in and out of town

  • The first step is to avoid bending over soft, slippery or uneven ground. ...
  • - ...
  • Avoid lifting in the direction of the slope! ...
  • When parking on a slope, remember to change gears.

How to protect your motorcycle when it is sleeping outside?

If your motorcycle has to sleep outside, offer it a cover (a special motorcycle), not a waterproof 100% cover for construction sites. If the cover is (too) waterproof, there is a risk of condensation and therefore of corrosion. Motorcycle covers have (breathable) textiles that allow moisture to drain away properly.

Where to park a motorcycle?

It is possible to park a motorcycle or scooter in the city: in parking lots reserved for two-wheelers, in conventional parking lots, in private parking lots.

Where to park your motorcycle in Tours?

Two-wheelers can now "officially" park on the circular boulevard at the foot of the Carpe Diem and Europlaza-Dé towers.

Where to park your motorcycle Brussels?

motorcycles may be parked in areas with the E9b (parking) sign; a new sign, the E9i, has been introduced into the Highway Code.

How to park your motorcycle upright?

To save space without worrying too much, you can move the steering wheel all the way to the right when you hold it.

How do I back up a heavy motorcycle?

It is best to tilt it slightly to the left and keep it there. To do this, turn the steering wheel fully to the right and hold the front brake lever firmly. The motorcycle will lean to the left. Then lift your right leg off the ground without lifting it too high.

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How to manoeuvre your motorcycle when stopped?

Side Stand To perform the stand, the rider must sit on the motorcycle. The motorcycle and handlebars must be level, and the rider must straighten the stand with his left foot and follow the motorcycle to a stop. Finally, it is important to hear the sound of the stands.

Do you have a beautiful new motorcycle and want to park it somewhere safe? It's important to choose the right location, especially if you don't have access to a private garage. Choose supervised, well-lit parking lots equipped with video surveillance. If possible, choose a space close to a camera or guard to deter potential thieves. And don't forget to use approved locks to secure your two-wheeler. By following these simple but effective tips, you'll considerably reduce the risk of theft or damage to your motorcycle.

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