When to grease your motorcycle chain?

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When to grease your motorcycle chain?

Why tighten the motorcycle chain?

For the longevity of your motorcycle and your safety, check the chain tension regularly. Note that a loose, flapping chain will cause the transmission to jerk, which will adversely affect the transmission damper.

How to tighten a 600 Bandit motorcycle chain?

Indeed, you start by taking the height of the chain of your Suzuki GSF BANDIT at rest, that is to say in the low position. Then you pull the chain up with your finger, and yes, you still have to get it dirty! And we raise the rib, the delta between top and bottom.

How to tighten a chain?

You loosen the rear wheel axle and you should be able to put at least 3 fingers between the swingarm (exactly where the chainstay stops, on the upper part of the swingarm, unlike racing bikes) and the chain. If you have a pinky, leave three and a half fingers instead.

When does a motorcycle chain kit need to be changed?

Of course, if you've been driving like a madman and haven't maintained your machine, you can always think about replacing it after 8,000 km. On the other hand, if you have always been very careful, you can go the full 30,000 km!

How to check the condition of a chain kit?

Check the wear condition of the chain, the wear of the sprocket and/or the sprocket becomes visible. Perform the chain pull test to check that there is not too much play between the sprocket teeth and the chain, which indicates too much tension.

How do I know if the chain is worn out?

To find out if your chain is tired, here is a simple test: If the chain is tight, pull on a link on the back of the sprocket (see photo). If you see more than half a tooth, the chain is worn and needs to be replaced.

How to properly lubricate your motorcycle chain?

How to properly maintain your motorcycle chain set?

  • Place the motorcycle on the centre or workshop stand.
  • Clean the chain (with a cleaning spray) by turning the wheel.
  • Brush and dry the chain well.
  • Apply grease to the seals and rollers when turning the wheel.

What maintenance should be done on a motorcycle?

Oil Change: Consider changing the engine oil first. Regular replacement of the oil filter is necessary to avoid the accumulation of contaminants. For your safety, consider changing the gearbox, fork, coolant or brake fluid.

Which oil for motorcycle chain?

Use SAE 80 or 90 gear oil. An automatic secondary chain lubricator is available, the Scottoiler®.

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