Everything you need to know about chain maintenance and lubrication for your motorcycle

How to properly lubricate your motorcycle chain?

How do you properly manage a motorcycle chain pack?

  • Ride a center motorcycle or a workshop seat.
  • Clean the chain (with a cleaning spray) by turning the wheels.
  • Brush the chain well and dry it.
  • Wrap the grease around the seals and rollers while rotating the wheels.

When to grease your bike chain?

Depending on usage, it is necessary to lubricate these oils once a year on a mountain bike and every two years on a city bike.

What maintenance should be done on a motorcycle?

Oil change: first think about changing the engine oil. Changing the oil filter regularly is essential to prevent looga dirt from forming. Also for your safety, remember to replace the toolbox, fork, refrigerator or brake fluid.

Why grease your motorcycle chain?

Why do you need to protect your motorcycle chain? A poorly maintained chain pack will last a maximum of 10,000 kilometres, which is very low in terms of efficiency. With moderate care, the chain will last up to 30,000 km.

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What is a motorcycle chain hard point?

if you notice hard spots on the chain when you stand or turn the handle on the rear tires. Two links seem to be intertwined and form a harder angle than the rest of the chain. This is the clearest evidence that your chain pack needs to be changed.

When should I wash my motorcycle chain?

"400 to 500 km each": this is the answer that seems to come up again and again. In our opinion, the frequency of lubrication of the engine chain is not measured in km... that would be very easy! It all depends on the route you take, the type of route you take, the weather...

How to clean a rusty motorcycle chain?

To clean the chain, you will need a steel wool or rag to soak the lemon juice generously. Then scrape the rusty surface. For the rest, you will need to put enough lemon juice to put on your motorcycle chain in a bowl.

How long does a motorcycle last?

Typically, if the bike has no serious accidents or crashes, you can keep it for twelve to fifteen years. This period can be longer if it is a high-end car and if you have really worked on fixing and repairing your bike, without any problems.

Which oil for motorcycle chain?

Use SAE 80 or 90 gear oil. High precision chain oil is available, Scottoiler®.

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Where to buy motorcycle fat?

Engine oil and grease -

What kind of grease for quad chains ?

LAND CAND 750 ml Soil Chain Spray Grease is specially prepared for use on motorcycles and four-wheelers for protest rallies and ground competitions. Advantages: Makes a protective film that seals and prevents sticking to the ground.

The chain is an essential element in the operation of a motorcycle. It transmits all engine power to the rear wheel, enabling the vehicle to move forward. However, it is also subject to major stresses, such as water splashes and road dirt. Without regular maintenance, it can wear out quickly or even break in the middle of a journey. In this article, we explain how to take good care of your chain to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

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