Complete guide to maintaining your motorcycle chain

When does a motorcycle chain kit need to be changed?

Of course, if you drive like a madman and don't maintain your car, you may think about replacing it after 8000 km. On the contrary, if you've always been very careful, you can do 30,000 km!

Why does a motorcycle chain get detached?

A rapidly loosening engine chain is usually caused by loose rear axles or chain tensioning bolts.

What maintenance should be done on a motorcycle?

Oil change: First think about changing the engine oil. The oil filter must be changed regularly to prevent the accumulation of impurities. Also for your safety, remember to change the gearbox, the fork, the coolant or the brake fluid.

How do you know if your chain is well lubricated?

You should also know that if you see that your chain needs maintenance (black deposit, "dry" aspect...), you have already waited too long! Clearly, a chain is maintained regularly. Even more so if you are unlucky enough to ride on a wet road.

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How to clean a motocross chain?

Chain Cleaning Motocross maintenance also involves chain maintenance. First, clean the chain with WD-40 SPECIALIST® Chain Cleaner Motorcycle. Apply the product to the entire chain by turning it over. If necessary, rub with a cloth and dry with a rag.

How to measure the motorcycle chain tension?

The general chain tension standard varies from one motorcycle model to another. It is usually indicated on a sticker on the rocker arm or written in the service manual by the manufacturer. The average value is about 25 mm when measured at the middle of the chain length.

How do you know if your motorcycle chain is dead?

To find out if your chain is tired, here's a simple test: on a properly tensioned chain, pull a link down the sprocket (see photo). If you see more than half a tooth, the chain is worn and needs to be replaced.

How to check the condition of a chain kit?

Check the state of wear of your chain kit. If the wear of the sprocket and/or chain wheel becomes obvious, test to pull the chain to check that the clearance between the teeth of the sprocket and the chain is not too high, which indicates too much tension.

How to clean a motorcycle chain?

How to maintain your motorcycle chain kit?

  • Place the bike on the center stand or on a kickstand.
  • Clean the chain (with a cleaning spray) by turning the wheel.
  • Sweep and dry the chain thoroughly.
  • Apply grease to the seals and rollers when turning the wheel.
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Which product to clean your motorcycle chain?

To degrease the chain of your motorcycle, you will need a powerful degreaser, suitable for dissolving oils and greases from the chain. WD-40 Specialist Chain Cleaner is specially designed to dissolve new, oxidized and/or old grease and oil.

Which product to clean a motorcycle chain?

In dry and/or off-road conditions, use WD-40 motorcycle chain lubricant. In wet and/or road conditions, use WD-40 Motorcycle Chain Specialist. Spray the product on the chain and sprocket while spinning the rear wheel.

Lorsque vous conduisez une moto, il est essentiel d’avoir une chaîne en bon état pour garantir une transmission fluide et sécurisée. Cependant, avec le temps et l’utilisation, la chaîne peut s’user ou se détendre, ce qui peut causer des problèmes graves lors de vos trajets. C’est pourquoi il est important d’effectuer un entretien régulier sur votre kit chaîne. Dans cet article, nous allons passer en revue toutes les étapes nécessaires pour garder votre chaîne en parfait état : du nettoyage au graissage en passant par le remplacement si nécessaire. Suivez nos conseils d’experts pour rouler en toute sécurité !

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