Adjusting and maintaining your motorcycle chain: everything you need to know

When to tighten the chain?

When to lubricate your chain ? The frequency of lubrication depends on the motorcycle and its use (road/track, dry/rainy weather, smooth/hairy treatment...). As a general rule, a motorcycle chain should be lubricated every 500 to 1,000 km in dry weather, and then every time it turns in the rain or on wet roads.

How to adjust a bicycle chain?

Use the old chain as a template to cut the new chain to the right length. In case of a new assembly put the chain on the biggest chain and the biggest sprocket without going through the derailleur, close the loop as short as possible and add 2 links (1 internal + 1 external).

How do you slacken a chain?

Loosen the wheel pin slightly, then adjust the chain ¼ turn on each side, checking the chain travel each time. If your chain is slow, loosen the wheel pin with a wrench or socket and then adjust the chain.

How to tension a racing bike chain?

Put your chain on the crankset and pull your wheel backwards. Once the wheel is pulled, shake the nuts slightly by hand. Continue to tighten the chain tensioners on each side until you have the correct chain tension.

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What tension for a motorcycle chain?

Chain tension is measured by the movement of the chain. It should measure at least 3 cm, but never more than 5 cm. Take measurements in several places because the chain may have a "runout", which means that it is tighter in some places than in others.

How to check the wear of a motorcycle chain?

Generally speaking, the recommended chain tension on enduro and cross models is to be able to put 3 fingers between the swingarm and the chain at the chainstay. For this check, you should put the gearbox in neutral and the bike in a motorcycle lift.

Which motocross chain kit?

  • Our recommendation: DID chains.
  • Our recommendation: Renthal Alu sprocket and chainring with a DID ERT3 chain, and in SLK version if you want a steel chainring.
  • Our advice: Ipone or Motul chain cleaner, a chain brush and Afam, Motorex or Motul chain grease.

How do you know if your motorcycle chain is dead?

To find out if your chain is tired, here's a simple test: on a properly tensioned chain, pull a link down the sprocket (see photo). If you see more than half a tooth, the chain is worn and needs to be replaced.

How to check the condition of a chain kit?

Check the state of wear of your chain kit. If the wear of the sprocket and/or chain wheel becomes obvious, test to pull the chain to check that the clearance between the teeth of the sprocket and the chain is not too high, which indicates too much tension.

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How do I know if a chain is worn out?

Chain wear can be determined with a very simple test. Put it on the largest plate. Where it is completely in contact with the plate, pull it towards you... If it comes out of the plate completely, it must be replaced.

When you use your motorcycle regularly, it's important to maintain the chain correctly to avoid more serious problems such as breakage or derailment. To do this, it's essential to learn how to set the right tension for your motorcycle type and model. In this article, we explain how to tension or slacken a chain according to your needs, as well as the different methods for checking chain wear. We also look at the different types of chain kits available on the market, to help you make the best possible choice in terms of quality and durability.

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