How to dilute its CBD booster for optimal consumption?

How to dose your CBD e-liquid?

Go to a dose of 50 or 100mg per 10ml, so a CBD concentration of 0.5 or 1%. For those who have real CBD needs, then you will need to understand if they are low, medium or high. For small needs and novices, you can be satisfied with 50 or 100 mg per 10ml bottle.

How to consume the CBD flower?

You will find cbd flowers orange bud at The Lab Shop, as well as a wide variety of CBD flowers of different origins. The flavors of Orange Bud are fruity, as the aromas are carried towards citrus fruits like grapefruit and orange, passing by another sweet fruit, the nectarine. 

The cbd flower is consumed in different ways. The most known is the infusion which allows to diffuse the cbd during nearly 7 hours in your body. Then, you can use the CBD flowers in your recipes. This flower can be cooked like an aromatic herb. It is important to know that heat increases the therapeutic effects of cbd, which is why it is recommended to prepare it in an ovenproof dish. Finally, you can inhale the vapors from the CBD flowers. This method of consumption is indicated in case of pain that needs to be relieved quickly. The effects of CBD are almost instantaneous and last for about 3 hours.

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However, you should know that smoking cbd flowers is strongly discouraged. On the one hand, the combustion will reduce the effectiveness of the active ingredients; on the other hand, the particles inhaled with the smoke are harmful. 


What is the best CBD e-liquid?

The best CBD e-liquid in the world: OG Kush CBD Greeneo Steamers are (almost) unanimous, the OG Kush CBD Greeneo is the best CBD e-liquid! Its strength is extracted from its terpenes, which give a bluffing image of the hemp plant.

What percentage of CBD to choose flower?

On average, the CBD content in a so-called "-0.2%" cannabis flower ranges from 3 to 8% (a big maximum), about 4% (1:20) for most, in some cases 6% (1: 30). ). The ratio can be as high as 8% (1:40) when dealing with selected and particularly successful indoor genetics and culture.

What mg of CBD to choose?

* More than 500 mg / 10 ml: Occasional and recreational use / Receptors may be saturated, so the performance of CBD will not increase. * More than 600 mg / 10 ml: the liquid must be diluted on a neutral base to reduce the concentration of the finished product.

How to prepare CBD?

Pour the water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Add the butter or oil and let it melt. Then mix the ground CBD cannabis with a tea strainer. You can pour it into hot water right away if you don't have a tea strainer.

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Is CBD dangerous?

"CBD is not a drug," explains Professor Amine Benyamina. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in a report (2017) that CBD does not harm health. "It does not produce the effects you usually see on cannabinoids like THC.

How to consume CBD in herbal tea?

Boil 1 litre of water. Add the fat to the water. Crush your CBD flowers or resin before putting them in a tea strainer. Simmer for at least 15 minutes, and you're done!

How to consume CBD without smoking?

The easiest and fastest way to consume CBD is through sublingual oil. No need to prepare, just pour a few drops of CBD oils under your tongue, and you're already done. The effects are quick, you don't need any ingredients or utensils.

Which base for CBD booster?

Base / bottle 10 ml CBD Accelerator / 10 ml bottle
9 500 0,500

What power for Vapoter CBD?

CBD, because it is a delicate molecule, must be vaporizable with a low power - less than 15W - in order not to be altered.

How to mix CBD booster?

With a single CBD accelerator dosed at 1000 mg (i.e. 100 mg/ml) we can produce 10 bottles of 10 ml each containing 50 mg (i.e. 90ml of base 10ml of CBD accelerator). It is advisable to do this with a neutral base, but keep in mind that the more flavor or E-liquid you add, the lower the dose.

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How much CBD per day?

Theoretically a good starting dose would be between 20 and 30 mg of CBD per day, divided between the different intakes (morning, noon, evening). It is therefore advisable to gradually increase the dose of 20 mg per week until the desired effects are obtained.

If you want to vape CBD, it's important to use the right e-liquid. For this, you can opt for a PG/VG base that will easily dilute your CBD booster while delivering a pleasant, dense vapor. You can also add natural flavors to personalize your taste experience. On the other hand, if you prefer to consume CBD flower or prepare cannabidiol tea, it's advisable to use a vegetable oil as a carrier. Whatever you choose, be sure to respect the recommended proportions and shake the mixture vigorously before use.

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