All about the legality and use of CBD in France

Why is CBD legal?

CBD is legal in France, but THC is not Because cannabidiol (known by the acronym CBD) is only one of many active substances obtained from the hemp plant, which does not have the psychoactive effects of its cousin THC - which does '. ... and therefore illegal in France as in many countries around the world.

Is CBD detectable by saliva testing?

CBD is not specifically looked for in saliva tests! In a saliva test, CBD is not the most sought after product. In fact, CBD does not have a negative effect on the consumer, which means it does not alter mood, behavior or cause the "high" effect.

Who has the right to sell CBD in France?

Stores selling electronic cigarette equipment. Tobacco stores. Shops dedicated exclusively to the sale of CBD products.

Who can sell CBD?

Therefore, it is possible for any company to sell products containing CBD. As for the consumer, when they go to a store to buy CBD flowers, it is essential for them to keep the package sealed until they get home.

Why is CBD banned in France?

"Raw CBD flowers are often smoked and mixed with tobacco, which is harmful to health," a source close to the case deciphered for AFP, who also suggested that the authorization of the flowers "had problems in case of police control."

Is CBD dangerous?

"CBD is not a drug," explains Professor Amine Benyamina. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in a report (2017) that CBD is not harmful to health. "It does not produce any effects that you normally see with cannabinoids like THC.


How to follow all the CBD news in France?

CBD is legal in France, but THC is not. This may seem surprising to some people, but it is a reality. The reason is that CBD products are derived from hemp plants and have no psychoactive properties, meaning they do not produce the "hit" commonly associated with THC. As such, CBD is currently legal in France, as well as in many other countries around the world. However, due to the illegal status of its cousin around the world, any product derived from the cannabis plant that contains or produces THC (including oils) is prohibited in France

To keep up to date with CBD news, current research, French legislation or to buy CBD products, go to #. In this online store the flowers are produced organically in Europe and then tested to ensure that the THC level is lower than 0.2 % in accordance with French legislation. Each product of the CBD range is tasted before being proposed to the sale in order to be able to propose products of premium quality.

Le CBD, ou cannabidiol, est un composé présent dans la plante de cannabis. Bien qu’il ne soit pas considéré comme une drogue, sa proximité avec le THC (le principal psychoactif du cannabis) a suscité des interrogations quant à sa réglementation. En France, la loi encadre strictement son utilisation et sa vente. Il est donc essentiel d’être informé sur cette législation pour éviter toute infraction involontaire. Dans cet article, nous répondrons aux principales questions que vous pouvez vous poser sur le sujet afin que vous puissiez utiliser le CBD en toute connaissance de cause.

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