Where to recharge your electric car for free? Quote and cost for your installation

Where to recharge your electric car for free? Quote and cost for your installation

Where are the free charging stations?

Most charging stations for electric or hybrid vehicles are located in public parking lots. Whether outside or in an underground parking lot open to the public, the charging station is accessible to all, and entirely free.

Where to recharge your Zoe?

The same capacity is available at public charging stations in the Renault network, shopping centers, public parking lots, etc. Renault ZOE can be recharged on the freeway using the high-speed charging stations available on the various private networks.

What is the price of an electric charging station?

For the installation of charging stations in the home, the average price is between €1,200 and €1,500 including VAT plus 5.5% VAT, before deducting the €300 tax credit. Then, the cost price is between 900 € and 1200 € after deduction of the tax credit.


Who can install a Wallbox?

Who can install a wall box? Technically, all IRVE qualified electricians can install charging stations.

How does an electric vehicle terminal work?

The residential wall box starts charging when you press "On" or when you plug in the cable, or with a timer. Charging stops automatically when the battery is full or by pressing the stop button.

Where to recharge your electric car for free?

To recharge your electric car for free, you can find free charging stations in the parking lots of shopping centers, supermarkets (Lidl, E-Leclerc etc.) or cinemas. Some hotels and restaurants also offer free recharging for electric cars.

Are the electrical terminals free?

The cost of charging an electric car outside your home. Some of the public charging stations are free of charge: for example, those located in the parking lots of certain stores and shopping centers. Others are charged.

How to calculate the price of an electric car recharge?

How to calculate the home recharge? The calculation is quite simple. Just take the consumption of your electric car, which is on average 12 to 20 kWh/100 km, and multiply it by the price per kilowatt hour of your energy supplier.

How to pay to charge an electric car?

3 ways to pay to charge your electric car

  • Using the badge: - From a recharging network. ...
  • Service charge. ...
  • Direct payment by credit card.

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