Free charging for your electric car: discover tips and good deals

How much does it cost to recharge an electric car?

Overall, the price per kilometer of an electric car recharged at home is three to four times lower than the price of a thermal vehicle, depending on the recharging time. Thus, the cost of recharging an electric car with a 50 kWh battery varies between 8 € and 11 €.

How to charge an electric car at home?

There are two ways to charge an electric car at home: on a standard household outlet using the cable (or optional) supplied with the vehicle, or using a wall box.


How to calculate an electric recharge?

Knowing that its battery capacity is 50 kWh, the calculation is as follows:

  • (50/100) x 60 = 0.5 x 60 = 30 minutes.
  • (50 / 3.4) = 14.7 hours.
  • 55,4 / 167 = 0,33 h. Multiply by 60 to get the time in minutes: 20 minutes. That is 20 minutes to fully recharge the battery, from 0 to 100 %.
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Where are the free charging stations?

Most charging stations for electric or hybrid vehicles are located in public parking lots. Whether outside or in the underground parking lot open to the public, the charging station is accessible to all and is completely free.

Where to recharge your Zoe?

The same capacity can be found in Renault's public service stations, shopping centers, public parking lots, etc. Renault ZOEs can be recharged on the freeway using the fast charging stations available in the various private networks.

Where to recharge your Tesla for free?

Shopping malls, such as EDEN 2 shopping center. Some movie theaters. Some retailers. (for Tesla drivers) Destination Fill hotels and restaurants.

Where to recharge your electric car for free?

To recharge your electric car for free, you can find free recharging stations in the parking lots of shopping centers, supermarkets (Lidl, E-Leclerc, etc.) or even in cinemas. Some hotels and restaurants also offer free charging of your electric car.

Where can I charge my Tesla?

At home, at the office or with friends, we have two ways to charge. The first and simplest way is to use a Tesla mobile port. This plugs into a standard outlet or a conventional industrial outlet (16A AC) and can be charged with a power of 3 or 3.7 kW.

How much does it cost to recharge a plug-in hybrid car?

The cost of recharging a plug-in hybrid car depends on the size of its battery. In France, estimating that the price of a kilowatt-hour is charged at 0.15 euro/kWh by EDF (Électricité de France), it takes about 1.47 euro to recharge a 9.8 kWh Renault battery from 0 to 100 %. Captur E-Tech socket.

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What is the difference between hybrid and plug-in hybrid?

The non-plug-in hybrid car uses a combustion engine and regenerative braking to recharge the battery with electricity. The plug-in hybrid car uses both of these charging methods, but can also be connected to the mains.

How do you recharge a plug-in hybrid?

The hybrid vehicle can be charged with two types of charging cable: an E/F type charging cable on a standard household outlet or a reinforced GreenUp type outlet, which will allow a maximum charge of 2.2 kW. Type 2 cable, for charging stations.

If you own an electric car, you're probably aware that finding a charging station can be a tedious process. Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which electric car drivers can recharge their vehicles free of charge. First of all, some cities offer free or preferential-rate public charging stations. It's worth asking local authorities about their electric mobility policies. Secondly, you can use specially designed mobile applications to find free or fee-paying public charging stations to suit your needs and desires. Last but not least, some supermarkets and shopping malls provide free charging stations for their customers, so that they can recharge their vehicles while shopping.

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