How to find free charging stations for your electric car and install yours at an affordable price?

Does it pay to charge an electric car?

The cost of recharging an electric car varies according to the model of the vehicle, the power of the plug or the terminal to which it is connected and the price of the kilowatt-hour. ... The recharging terminal will cost you about 1.5 to 4 € for 100 km against 6 to 9 € for a thermal vehicle.

Electric car: installation of solar charging station

The electric car is indicated to better take care of the protection of the environment. It is essential to recharge your car after driving a few kilometers. With this in mind, you can use the ChargeMap service to easily find a free charging station.

For your comfort, it is essential to install a terminal for electric cars in your home. All about charging station installation prices It is then necessary to compare the offers of the professionals in the field in order to find the most interesting offer.  

To be consistent with your desire to protect the environment and man, choose a professional in the installation of 100% renewable energy charging stations such as RossiniEnergy.

The installer RossiniEnergy excels in the installation of charging stations for electric cars in wood or aluminum. He also works in the installation of a charging station for recharge wall-mounted. The power provided can go up to 22 kW depending on your needs.

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Do not hesitate to request a quote on RossiniEnergy's website to learn more about the prices of the installation of a charging station with energy renewable. This professional also advises you in the choice of the location of the charging station in your garage or in your yard in order to guarantee energy savings but above all safety and practicality


Where to recharge your electric car for free?

This free charging station is always available to Lidl customers during opening hours, or to Leroy Merlin customers. There are also free charging stations in hotels, restaurants and car dealerships. In this case, the charging stations are installed on the parking lot of the establishment.

How to recharge your electric car in town?

Install a charging station or "wallbox" in your parking lot. In the home, charging stations are very simple. You can plug your electric car directly into a household outlet or have an electrician install a charging station (also called a wallbox) in your garage.

What is the price of an electric charging station?

For the installation of charging stations in the home, the average price is between €1,200 and €1,500 including VAT, before deduction of the €300 tax credit. The cost price will then be between 900 € and 1200 € after deduction of the tax credit.
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Who installs the charging stations?

Zephyre takes care of the installation of your electric car charging station, or wallbox, from A to Z. Zephyre provides you with a tailor-made solution at home, in the office, outdoors or indoors, depending on your needs.

Who can install a charging station?

Since the 12th.

Where are the free charging stations?

Most charging stations for electric or hybrid vehicles are located in public parking lots. Whether outside or in an underground parking lot open to the public, the charging station is accessible to all, and completely free.

How do I find a charging station?

Where can I find a map of charging stations? The ChargeMap service allows you to locate charging stations on a map and to search for addresses. ChargeMap is accessible on the Internet via the website or via a mobile application.

What is the best electric charging card?

Chargemap Pass. Chargemap Pass remains the best card to own: the app and website are very easy to use, and the card is the most complete on the market. The company has just passed the 100,000 pass users mark and has over 8,000 terminals in France.

Green mobility is becoming more widespread by the day, with the rise of electric cars in particular. However, one of the biggest challenges is being able to recharge your vehicle easily, especially if you don't have a garage or private parking space. In this article, we'll explain how to find free charging stations in your town or on your regular commute. We'll also look at the economic and ecological benefits of installing a personal charging station at home, and the costs involved. Finally, we'll look at who can install such a charging station, and what administrative procedures are involved.

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