Practical guide to choosing the right peg according to the type of ceiling

Which dowel to use to fix in a ceiling?

Which ankle size to choose?

For a load less than 20 kg, a diameter between 3 and 5.5 mm will be used; For a load between 20 kg and 50 kg, we opt for a diameter between 6 and 8 mm; For loads over 50 kg, choose a diameter of 10 mm.

Which dowel for 5 mm screws?

Screw diameter Diameter of the peg Minimum length of the ankle
5 millimeters 6 millimeters 30 mm
6 millimeters 8 mm 40 mm
7/8 mm 10 mm 50 mm
9/10 mm 12 mm 60 millimeters

Which screw for which weight?

If we REALLY only have to take into account the static mass of 21 kg, one screw is more than enough: being pessimistic, that would be a mass of 180, 200 kg.

Which dowel for plaster?

On plaster tiles and for a light load not exceeding 10 kg, use a universal dowel. Drill (without percussion) with a drill bit of slightly larger diameter, then hammer with a hammer in short strokes and tighten.

Which dowel for solid plaster wall?

Metal expansion plugs Commonly known as Molly® plugs, these metal plugs are specially designed for gypsum board, honeycomb walls and hollow bricks. They are installed with their screw after a preliminary drilling of the support.

How do I get a dowel to fit into a plaster wall?

Expansion dowels or Molly dowels Installed or not with expansion pliers, the dowel is sized according to the load to be supported (from 20 to 50 kg). This is the most reliable method of on-site repair.

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Which heavy duty wall plug?

To repair a load that does not reach 30 kg, prefer metal (Molly) or plastic (MZK) anchors. The reinforced plate can also support up to 40 kg with this condiment. To ensure a load of more than 30 kg (or 40 kg on a reinforced plate), NP anchors are recommended.

How much weight can a Molly ankle support?

between 20 and 50 kg: Molly dowel, deformation or loosening of the dowel; over 50 kg: chemical mastic, expansion anchor, bolt or rate anchor.

Which Molly dowel for a TV stand?

For a slab, hollow brick or cinder block wall, choose a rocker or Molly rod. Also, the diameter of the tiles is important. It must correspond to the weight of your big screen TV. If the screen and mount weigh less than 20 kilograms, use 6mm wall caps.

Which screw to fix in the plasterboard?

Its standard thickness is 13 mm, a 25 mm screw will be more than enough to do this operation on a metal wheel. But when you have to fix the BA 13 vertically or horizontally on a wooden structure, it is preferable to use 35MM flat screws.

Which peg for cinder block?

Nylon plugs: suitable for fixing low loads in concrete blocks. Various plastic dowels can be used in hollow cement blocks. They are generally reserved for light items, i.e. less than 30 kg.

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How to fix a shoe in a breeze block?

If the support on which you are going to repair the shoe is a block of cement or brick honeycomb, you should preferably use mechanical-chemical anchors. After drilling and blowing, the anchor is inserted into the hole.

How to fix a board on cinder block?

Glue the wood board to the cement block structure. To do this, apply large dots of fastening glue (e.g., all interior and exterior materials) to the top corners of the cement blocks.

Which ankle to choose?

Regardless of the load, you prefer extra long expansion and deformation anchors in friable solid materials. If the load is heavy, use an anchor screen with a chemically sealed threaded rod.

Que vous soyez bricoleur amateur ou confirmé, il est important de savoir comment bien fixer vos objets dans votre plafond. La première étape consiste à choisir la bonne cheville en fonction du type de support. Pour un mur en plâtre plein, optez pour une cheville à expansion tandis qu’une cheville Molly sera plus adaptée pour le placo. Il est également crucial d’utiliser des vis adaptées au poids et à la taille des objets que vous souhaitez fixer. En suivant ces conseils pratiques, vous éviterez les mauvaises surprises et aurez l’assurance d’une fixation solide et durable.

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