How to fix solidly in a hoarding?

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Heavy loads are often found in ceilings due to the use of heavy steel beams.

Overloading the ceiling with heavy loads will result in failure, which means it is very important to pay attention to the load capacity of a ceiling before adding anything. A huge concentration of a heavy object on a single beam can cause other fasteners and studs to fail. This will result in a domino effect that could lead to damage or even collapse of the entire structure.


Which screw for hollow block?

Nylon anchors: suitable for fixing small loads to concrete blocks. Various plastic anchors can be used in hollow concrete blocks. They are generally reserved for light elements, i.e. less than 30 kg.

What type of dowel for cinder block?

Three types of dowels are suitable for installing a heavily loaded object in a hollow block: Molly dowels. drive-in anchors. self-drilling anchors.

How to fix a rafter on a breeze block wall?

The method I envisioned was: place the beam vertically, mark the concrete block joints, drill with a wood drill, place the beam against the well-bonded wall and use it as a guide to drill the joints, then screw 120 into the whole thing.
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How to fix in the breeze block?

You can use several pegs to fix the object to the hollow concrete block, depending on the maximum load to be suspended. For loads less than 10 kg: pegs to pegs....

  • Molly's ankle,

  • nail to nail,

  • self-drilling dowel.

What type of dowel for hoarding?

The simplest system that comes to mind is to put Molly type metal expansion anchors in the slabs.

Which dowel in a ceiling?

Rocker plugs Equipped with spring wings and ending with a hooked end, these metal plugs for hollow materials allow to hang objects from the ceiling (chandeliers, hangers...).

How do I know which peg to use?

Regardless of load, you prefer extremely long anchors for expansion and deformation in solid and friable materials. If the load is large, use a screen anchor with a chemically sealed threaded rod.

How to fix plasterboard on hoardings?

They are easy to install: they are hammered in between the slab and the concrete beam (smooth side next to the beam). The Stil® F 530 profile is fully fixed. The Stil® F 530 H hanger allows a distance of 40 mm between the blades and the Placoplatre® BA 13 blades.
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How to fix plasterboard on an IPN?

Hello, As for the fixing of your plasterboard in high position, you can add a series of brackets passing under the IPN to cut a new horizontal rail (the first one is mounted on 1,35 m in the Optima system) which will be used as 'support in high position for the fixing of the plates.

How to glue drywall to the ceiling?

You cannot glue the BA13 boards directly to the ceiling. The quality of today's glues would allow it, but the strength of the cardboard layer would be insufficient to guarantee a permanent adhesion of the board to the ceiling (it is always very uncomfortable to receive it on the head...).

How to install drywall on a concrete ceiling?

The simplest and most commonly practiced solution is to install drywall on a metal structure attached to the ceiling, concrete slab or beams. It is recommended that you start with at least two, as working at height and depth can be challenging.

How to fix through a polystyrene slab?

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  • Illicofix. ...

  • Mark the desired location for the clamp.

  • Screw the wedge into the polystyrene until the collar fits perfectly with the polystyrene (be careful not to push the collar under the polystyrene surface)

How to insulate a slab ceiling?

Glass wool is easy to install and inexpensive to insulate. This material can be used to insulate the ceiling of your board. Two methods are possible to insulate glass wool: By gluing: it is to conduct the insulation.
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Which hanger for polystyrene slab?

The COBRA hanger allows for the construction of a ceiling under polystyrene panel floors. It provides a connection between concrete beams (grid or prestressed) and the PREGYMETAL S47 cladding.

How to fix on polystyrene?

The ISORAM anchor is an ideal solution for fixing small loads, such as cable passages, pipes, and lighting fixtures in polystyrene insulation. Without tools, a simple screwdriver will allow you to fix your anchor.

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When you need to fasten elements in a hollow breeze-block wall, it's important to choose the right screw or plug. For hollow breeze-block walls, choose a special dowel with wings that expand behind the wall when screwed in. For solid cellular concrete walls, choose an expansion plug that will grip the material when the screw is tightened. Finally, if you need to fix something to a wall made of expanded polystyrene (hourdis), opt for a metal hanger specially designed for this light, fragile material.

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