Complete guide to hanging your hammock: tips and advice

How to hang a hammock chair?

How to attach a hanging chair?

Take a drill, a dowel and a hook. Make a hole in your roof with the drill bit of the diameter of your dowel, insert your chemical dowel and then put your hook in it. 50 cm seems to be the ideal height at which you can put your chair!

How do I attach a swing to the ceiling?

To organize your swing, just follow a few steps:

  • Mark the reference points on the mounting bracket;
  • Hollow out the support with a drill;
  • Insert dowels or install hooks;
  • Install ropes or swing straps;

How do I securely fasten to the ceiling?

Use a plasterboard anchor.

  • Do not use plastic pegs to stop anything from the roof. They are designed to support light weight on the wall, not the ceiling. X Research source.
  • Measure the thickness of the wall and the weight of the object you wish to hang.

How to install a hammock chair on the ceiling?

Make a 4mm diameter pilot hole before tightening. Then connect the hammock with a rope and hook kit. If you don't have enough length on this beam, that's fine. If the hammock ends up more curved, it is still very comfortable.


How to tie a knot to tighten a rope?

Dutchmann Double Knot Also known as a tension knot, it is very effective for tightening a rope. Widely used in camping, for example to tighten tent stakes, it is of course very useful for tightening a tie line during a break.

How to hang a chair hammock from a tree?

To ensure that the hammock ties are secure: Start by folding the rope in half to form a line. With this ring, turn the tree to the correct height and tighten: the knot will lock under tension.

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Which knots to hang your hammock?

After extensive research (not to mention books on knots), I ended up adopting the "Grapple Knot". It's extremely simple, frighteningly effective, and even with a relatively thin rope (like the one we provide with our travel hammocks) you'll easily "pull it out" and put your ropes together.

How to hang a hammock on a tree?

If you want to tie your hammock to a tree, simply make a loop by folding your rope into two equal parts. Go around the support, and hold the loop at the desired height. Then, thread the ends of the rope through the line. Tighten and ready!

How to hang a hammock without a tree?

Post for hammock in pottery soil Make a hole 80 cm deep and the width of a spade. Place the pole in the middle, wedge it with some stones to keep it straight. Fill with concrete almost to the level of the ground. Wait 3 days for the concrete to dry.

How to fix a hammock on a terrace?

To attach a hammock indoors or on a terrace, make sure the walls are strong enough: concrete, stone or brick. Simply install hooks that will allow you to put on and take off the hammock as you wish. Be sure to use appropriate anchors.

How to make your hammock fit?

The rule of thumb is: length divided by two = mounting height. If you have two walls 4m apart, you put your hammock 2m high. Then you make a ring by attaching it to the handle of the hammock with a rope and a hook.

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How to hang a hammock from the ceiling?

Fix a wooden beam 10 X 15 from floor to ceiling. Fix it to the plasterboard with adapted pegs every 50 cm. Use our universal kit on the wooden beam. Avoid placing the hammock on opposite walls but rather at an angle (load distribution).

Hanging your hammock may seem simple, but it requires a few precautions to avoid any risk of accident. To attach a hanging chair, it's important to choose the right support and check its sturdiness. If you're going to attach your swing to the ceiling, choose fixings that are suitable for the maximum load the ceiling can support. For outdoor use, choose sturdy trees and use strong knots to prevent the hammock from unhooking. To install a hammock chair on a terrace, remember to use specific hooks or supports. Follow our step-by-step advice to make the most of your moments of relaxation in complete safety!

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