Aerial cloth and hoop: how to install and maintain them?

How to install an aerial fabric?

How to hang an aerial hoop?

You can easily attach a slingshot to a tree, frame or tree branch, so all you need are carabiners to attach the hoop and pivot.

How do I wash an aerial fabric?

How can you wash your spiritual cloth? To wash a cloth, you can put it in your washing machine. Cold wash will be fine, over 30 degrees. This is a 100% polyester fabric, so you can use soap in your machine.

How to wash cotton gauze?

Maintenance of cotton cloths Washing machine, it may be better to use a hard method, for a temperature of 30 °. For drying, to avoid damaging your fabric, avoid drying, and choose to dry naturally in the open air, away from the sun.

What is the name of the sport with curtains?

Spiritual fabric, gentle discipline.

How to install an aerial hoop at home?

To install the hoop, you will need a ceiling height of at least 4 meters.The hoop will not be 4 meters high, but you will need a height above and below the hoop.


How to fix a yoga hammock to the ceiling?

It is recommended to use 2 hooks, one on each side of the hammock, to practice yoga in the air safely. For airplane dancing, 1 hook is sufficient. Note: hooks can be purchased with or without sets. 4 tools are needed for each hook.

How to install a hammock in an apartment?

Spacing: fix wooden rod 10 X 15 from floor to ceiling. It fixes the area approximately every 50 inches. Fix our universal tools on a wooden beam. Avoid placing the hammock on the facing walls but rather on the side (load distribution).

Which aerial hammock to choose?

For this, you need to choose a short hammock. When the height is not too high, I prefer hammocks made of parachute fabric or yoga wire. When the ceiling is high enough, i.e. 2.50 m or more, you can easily install a hammock.

– Les différentes étapes pour installer son propre tissu aérien

L’installation d’un tissu aérien peut paraître complexe, mais en suivant ces quelques étapes, vous devriez y arriver sans problème. Tout d’abord, il est important de choisir le bon emplacement pour votre équipement. Il doit être installé dans une pièce avec suffisamment d’espace autour pour que vous puissiez bouger librement. Ensuite, il faut s’assurer que la structure sur laquelle vous allez fixer votre tissu est solide et résistante. Enfin, il ne reste plus qu’à accrocher le tissu à l’aide des mousquetons prévus à cet effet. N’hésitez pas à demander conseil à un professionnel si vous avez des doutes quant à la solidité de votre installation.

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