How does a generator work and how to choose it ?

principle of operation of the generator set

When to use a generator?

A generator is a device capable of providing an emergency source of electricity for various activities requiring power, in the absence of a conventional power supply. It is widely used in areas affected by systematic blackouts or not connected to the mains.

Why install a generator?

By connecting a generator, the house can be supplied with electricity in case of power outage after storms, etc. The emergency unit is connected to the electric circuit via a source switch, and is installed according to the standard and provides the power equipment in the house.

How to choose the power of your generator ?

Choose a generator according to your needs Choose a gasoline generator (preferably 4-stroke), with a power of about 3000 W, with a chassis with or without wheels (depending on the use) and manual start.

What are the different parts of a generator?

The generator set consists of three main parts: the engine, the alternator and the control cabinet. The engine can run on all types of fuel: gasoline, diesel, gas, LPG, biofuel or heavy fuel oil (for the most powerful generators).

How does a PDF generator work?

The generator is equipped with a thermal engine running on gasoline or oil (diesel). It turns at a fixed speed by means of a dynamo (direct current) or a generator (alternating current). This installation converts energy into electricity.
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What type of generator for a house?

The power of a generator is the most important criterion of choice. Do not confuse the power consumed by the engine itself (specified in W or kW) with the power of the generator or & lt; & lt; output power & gt; & gt; (expressed in VA or kVA).

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How does the generator work?

These generators run on propane and activate automatically in the event of a power failure. All the equipment in the house will then work. For a less expensive solution, he recommends a 7,500 watt 30 amp, 120-240 volt generator.

How does an electric generator work?

The operation of a current generator is based on magnetic induction. When an electric circuit is subjected to a magnetic field variation or swept by a magnetic field (for example, a magnet oscillating in front of a coil), it induces an alternating voltage.
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How does a current generator work?

The electric generator works thanks to two basic physical principles: - the electromagnetic induction effect discovered by Faraday. Indeed, the variation of a magnetic induction current through a copper coil creates an electric current induced through the coil.

How to regulate the current of a generator?

The role of the generator controller In order to have a stable current frequency, the generator speed must be driven directly by the generator shaft, whose speed must be constant regardless of the desired load.

How to control a voltage regulator?

Take the voltage on the battery, you should have at least 12 volts. Always stand at the battery terminals, start your motorcycle engine and rev it up to about 3000 rpm. Normally, you should immediately see the battery voltage rise to between 14 volts and 15 volts.

How to connect a voltage regulator to a generator?

Make sure the voltage regulator is disconnected from the electrical coil. Connect the electric coil plug to the generator tank (Figure 1). Turn the generator control toggle switch to the "On" position. Pull the starter cord firmly toward you.

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When you live in an area where power outages are frequent or you need an autonomous energy source, the installation of a generator can be the ideal solution. Indeed, this equipment allows you to produce power in case of emergency or when you are off the grid. Moreover, it is possible to choose the power adapted to your needs thanks to the various types available on the market. However, it is important to know how they work in order to take full advantage of them.

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