3D printers: which model to choose for fast and economical printing?

Which brand of 3D printer?

The 7 best 3D printer manufacturers

  • Ultimaker.
  • 3D systems.
  • EOS.
  • Stratasia.
  • Protolab.
  • Nano size.
  • XYZ printing.

What is the best value for money printer?

Multifunction printer The speed price
Lexmark mc3224dwe The most complete 22p/min 297,99 €
Brother mfc-1910w Best value for money 20p / min 289,00 €
Brother MFC-J5330DW Value for money 22p/min 218,99 €
HP OfficeJet Pro 8012 preferred 18p / min 112,71 €

Which 3D printer in 2021?

The best 3D printers In a nutshell
Flashforge Creator Pro 2 Choice of design, double extrusion (IDEX), under 600 â
Phenomenon of the people Editor's Choice, resin, under 1700 â
Elegoo Mars Small budget, MSLA (resin) less than 200 â
Ender 3 reality Small budget, FDM less than 200€.

What budget for a 3D printer?

On the internet or in high tech stores it is possible to buy 3D printers or 3D printing machines with prices ranging from 200 € to 500 000 € (excluding taxes).

Why is it necessary to level the printing plate?

You need to adjust this axis (which is the one your extruder moves) so that when you move the extruder, there are no variations in height between the tip of the extruder and the base. .

How to make an easy 3D printer?

Connect the printer to the computer (USB cable, SD card, WiFi), place the spool of material on the spool holder, then insert the 3D filament into the feeder and push until it appears in the Bowden tube. Wait for the material to load into the print head or extruder.

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How to make an object with a 3D printer?

You have two options: you can download one from a specialized site or create one on a 3D CAD design software. The idea is to create a digital file of the object to be printed. This file is then cut into several layers by a cutting software called a slicer.

How to create a 3D object?

To create an object, take one brick, then a second and glue them together. Tinkercad offers dozens of brick shapes: spheres, cubes, cylinders, triangles, etc. They can be glued easily, deformed easily: elongation, enlargement, etc.

What is the fastest 3D printer?

Posted on November 30, 2017 by Melanie R. Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed an FDM 3D printer that uses a laser to print 10 times faster than most desktop machines.

Which printer to choose for a private individual?

Which printer to choose for occasional use?

  • 1 - Choose an inkjet printer.
  • 2 - Do you prefer a printer without integrated print heads?
  • 3 - Multifunction printers: more practical! 4 - Think compact and Wi-Fi compatible printers.

What size 3D printer?

The printing volume of personal 3D printers varies greatly, but is generally no larger than 25 x 25 x 25 cm (up to 1.50 m for 3D printers from the manufacturer BigRep). The price of the machine in relation to its size is obviously one of the reasons.

Choosing a 3D printer can be difficult, given the multitude of models available on the market. To find the ideal machine, it's important to take into account a number of criteria, such as printing speed, the quality of the parts produced, price and the size of the printing plate. In this article, we present the fastest and most affordable 3D printers on the market today, with detailed technical specifications to help you make your choice.

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