How to reproduce a part in 3D: tips and essential software

Which software to print in 3D?

Software for 3D printers

  • Autodesk 123D. This software, created by Autodesk, originally worked only on Windows, but this period is over...
  • The art of illusion. Open source 3D software. ...
  • Mixer. ...
  • BRL-CAD. ...
  • FreeCad. ...
  • K-3D. ...
  • MakeHuman. ...
  • MeshLab.

Which software for Ender 3 v2?

gcode-sender This is a Chrome extension that can be launched with this link from the online store and by clicking Launch Application! I verified this on a Windows computer by connecting the Ender with a USB and COM4 cable at home.

How to make a 3D drawing on a free computer?

Google SketchUp is a very easy to use 3D modeling tool that Google purchased in March 2006. It is available as a free download. Once you have downloaded the executable file, double-click on it to begin installing the program. This process takes two to three minutes.

How to copy a part in 3D?

The principle is very simple: the user places the object he or she wants to copy in the center of the device's turntable, then starts scanning. Once the object is scanned, you simply select the appropriate print head and start the production from a dedicated application on your smartphone or tablet.

How does photogrammetry work?

Photogrammetry is based on the detection of identical points between different angles of view of the same scene. However, if the photographed objects are in motion, the pixels representing them on photographs taken at different times do not correspond to the current reality.

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How to reproduce a plastic part?

Multiply the existing part - If you have a plastic part you want to duplicate, make a mold of it and then fill it with our flexible plastic. Both are easy to use - just mix equal parts A and B to make a mold.

How to scan a part in 3D?

First, place the object or person you want to scan in a place where you can visit them. Then you can start scanning according to the app's instructions. Your phone's camera sensors will retrieve all the necessary data.

How to model yourself in 3D?

1: Draw a sketch with an image as reference.

  • 1: Download the image to your computer.
  • 2 : Import the image in your 3D modeler (blender for example)
  • 3: Draw a sketch of the sketch from the image.
  • 5: Extrude your image to get a 3D view.

How to use Qlone?

To make it simple, you just place the object on a coded sheet that allows the application to set three-dimensional coordinates. You can easily print this sheet upon receipt. Then simply press the + sign to start scanning.

How to make an object with a 3D printer?

You have two options: you can download one from a specialized site or create it on a 3D CAD design software. The idea is to make a digital file of the object to be printed. This file is then cut into several layers using a cutting software called cutter or slicer.

What object can be made with a 3D printer?

What can you do with a 3D printer?

  • Food in additive production. ...
  • Tissues and organs. ...
  • Prostheses. ...
  • Clothing and shoes. ...
  • Personalized art objects. ...
  • Accessories for the film industry. ...
  • Creation of buildings. ...
  • Aeronautics and space.

What can be printed in 3D?

With a desktop 3D printer, you can make all kinds of items, such as prototypes, models or some repair parts. The general public uses it mainly to print everyday objects.

Reproduction de pièces plastiques, création d’objets sur mesure, réparation rapide… Les applications de l’impression 3D sont multiples et peuvent être très utiles dans différents domaines. Mais comment reproduire fidèlement une pièce existante ? Tout commence par le choix du bon logiciel pour créer un modèle précis en trois dimensions. Dans cet article, nous vous présentons les outils les plus performants pour imprimer vos propres objets chez vous. Nous aborderons également la technique de photogrammétrie qui permet de scanner rapidement un objet afin d’en obtenir une représentation numérique. Enfin, nous vous donnerons quelques exemples concrets d’utilisation pratique de la reproduction de pièces en 3D.

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