Trail headlamp: how to choose the best one for night running?

What kind of lighting to run at night?

Top 3 headlights for driving at night

  • Neolight LED Headlamp With a reasonable weight of only 240 grams, this model is a good current headlamp thanks to its lamp using up to 5 LEDs...
  • Rechargeable LED headlamp EVER. ...
  • Ledlenser H8R headlamp.

What are the best headlamps?

Below, we show you the best headlights:

  • Headlamp FENIX Hl60r. ...
  • Powerful headlamp Olight HS2. ...
  • Unisex headlamp Reactik Petzl. ...
  • LL-H7-V2 LED lens headlamp. ...
  • Headlamp Nitecore HC60. ...
  • Brennenstuhl LED torch. ...
  • Mixed torch Black Diamond Storm.

How to choose a diving lamp?

The type of bulb will play a determining role in the autonomy of your headlamp and in the color temperature. LED or HID bulbs are preferred because they offer better color reproduction. The white light they emit is very suitable for exploration because it best reproduces daylight.

What is the best headlamp for trail running?

Top 5 race lane lights

  • #1 Nao - Petzl.
  • # 2 Rising 350 - Black Diamond.
  • # 3 Tactikka - Petzl.
  • #4 Mh11 - Ledlenser.
  • #5 Actik Green - Petzl.
  • #1 Iko Core - Petzl.
  • #2 Actik Green - Petzl.
  • #3 Swift RL - Petzl.
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Which headlamp for Ultra-trail?

The Black Diamond Icon is one of the most powerful headlamps on the market, in fact with 500 lumens, it guarantees the best night vision for all fans of ultra-trail, mountaineering etc. This Black Diamond lamp is also equipped with a red, green and blue vision that increases the night vision.

Which headlamp for the saintélyon ?

PETZL tip: Actik Core (82 g) and PETZL compact headlamp, this new Petzl headlamp will be a perfect companion for your Saintélyon! ACTIK CORE offers the perfect lighting power and autonomy for this type of activity.

What power for a headlamp?

For a regular trip, choose a headlamp with a power between 150 and 200 lumens. If you prefer paved trails, choosing your headlamp for trail running is a bit more technical. Choose a more powerful headlamp with at least 200 lumens.

What power headlamp MTB ?

Generally, if you want to ride a mountain bike at night, you should have at least 500 lumens on your handlebars and 500 lumens on your helmet.

How does a headlamp work?

A headlamp is a moving light source that looks like a flash of light emitted from the front of the head; this position allows the user to keep their hands free.

Le choix d’une lampe frontale est crucial lorsqu’il s’agit de pratiquer le trail en nocturne. Pour éviter les chutes et courir en toute sécurité, il est important d’avoir un éclairage suffisamment puissant. En effet, selon votre parcours et votre vitesse, vous aurez besoin d’une lumière plus ou moins intense pour bien voir devant vous. De même, l’autonomie doit être prise en compte afin que la batterie ne vous lâche pas au milieu de votre course. Dans cet article, nous allons détailler les critères à prendre en compte lors du choix d’une lampe frontale adaptée au trail nocturne. Nous aborderons notamment la question des lumens, du faisceau lumineux, mais aussi celle des différentes marques et modèles disponibles sur le marché actuel.

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