Manage your crypto-currency without a private key? Discover ZenGo, the innovative wallet

ZenGo, an app that has made it easy for anyone to buy bitcoin and many other crypto-currencies in recent years, is among the most downloaded and well-received apps on both the App Store and the Google Play store. The mobile interface is simple to use, with no hassle or confusion about how transactions work, which is part of the reason for its runaway success!

ZenGo is building a revolutionary crypto-currency trading platform for everyday people. The company's crypto wallet app allows users to buy, sell, and trade crypto-currencies in seconds from their phones, through a simple interface - it is often recommended by experts as the easiest way to enter this complex world!

Do you speak French? Well, Zengo announces that the application is fully translated.

ZenGo is now fully translated into French!

Buy and trade cryptos, connect to NFT markets and dapps with 24/7 customer support - all in French.

To change the language you just have to:

#1 - go to the "Account" section

#2 - click on "Language

#3 - choose "French

Test the ZenGo application for free

ZenGo is the perfect cryptocurrency wallet for beginners! This user-friendly mobile app is so easy to use that you can open an account in just 19 seconds. Plus, there are over 80 crypto-currencies available, so you're sure to find the one that's right for you. 

And with 24/7 customer support, you can always count on us to help you when you need it. Our fees are a bit higher than the market average, but you get a superior product and responsive customer service. In addition, we are constantly working on new features and updates to ensure you have the best experience possible. The English version of our application is available now, and a French version will be available soon!

ZenGo Customer Service


Presentation of the ZenGo crypto wallet application


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This is the ZenGo app, which is a crypto-currency buying and trading platform developed in 2019 by KZen Networks Ltd. The latter has raised no less than US$20 million to fund its business operations; we think this company is on top of all the apps currently available on marketplaces like iTunes or Google Play Store!

This premium app allows you to buy, sell and trade your digital assets. It currently offers 80 different coins, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

ZenGo is the only platform of its kind that simplifies access to crypto-currencies and makes trading safer. Unlike other platforms such as Binance or Coinbase, it relies solely on a mobile application - with no web interface available to users worldwide! The platform has gained popularity because it offers access from 188 countries and several hundred thousand customer accounts already established.


A unique security system without private keys

After a first generation of crypto wallets reserved for a connoisseur audience, these platforms have shown that they can suffer from security flaws and be prime targets for hackers. A factor that makes security important in this case, as it poses a problem with the wallets themselves, which require many complex private keys to access the funds stored in them - something that is linked to human error or technical failure when the test is not correct!

ZenGo has launched a new crypto-currency wallet with its patented technology that gives users the peace of mind they need. ZenGo is not like any old crypto-currency wallet, it is more secure than ever and will remain non-binding with decentralized security measures.

ZenGo is one of the only crypto-currency wallets with a unique no-private-key security system that relies on secure, multi-party computing. This means that one part of this security system is you and your mobile device with patented facial recognition technology, and another part is ZenGo. The goal of this system is to make you feel safe because there are two parts.

ZenGo's facial recognition feature not only allows you to retrieve your crypto-currencies in case of deletion or change of device, but also ensures that only YOU have access to them. ZenGo guarantees access to your funds with its backup system combined with facial recognition in case you lose access to the application or change phones.

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ZenGo users' opinions and feedback

ZenGo Keyless Crypto Wallet - The unique solution for managing your crypto-currency


For a company that is committed to providing its customers with the best possible service, it's no wonder ZenGo has such rave reviews. With hundreds of thousands of users and an international presence in every country in the world, everyone who knows them trusts them for their honesty in the industry.

The average rating of the Google Play Store as well as the App Store scores is 4 out of 5 stars which can be considered as "excellent".

Download and test ZenGo for free


How to create a wallet account on ZenGo in less than 20 seconds

To begin, you must go to theApp Store or the Google Play Store and search for ZenGo. Don't forget: This crypto wallet application is compatible with both iOS devices and Android versions!

ZenGo's facial recognition system takes 19 seconds to download - no verification required - just enter your email address with one click (or follow this link). You can see that it is incredibly simple in practice...


How to receive or send crypto-currencies simply with ZenGo!

ZenGo is a service that offers its users the ability to receive crypto-currencies from another wallet, but also to transfer them. This feature makes ZenGo stand out as these actions are very simple and fast - without the intervention of a third party and without even needing an Internet connection! You will have full control of your assets at all times with this application.


How to buy or sell crypto-currencies quickly with ZenGo!

ZenGo offers a fast and convenient way to buy crypto-currencies with a card without having to make a deposit. The minimum purchase amount is set at €100, which means you can easily invest more if you wish! ZenGo offers several payment methods: credit card (Visa or Mastercard), bank transfer via SEPA/Swift networks and even Apple Pay for those living outside of Europe - all of which are handled by their partner providers Moonpay and Coinmama, who offer different options depending on where you are in the world.

ZenGo makes it easy to buy crypto-currencies with a few clicks of the mouse. Simply click on "Actions" and select "Buy". You'll be directed to Moonpay, where you'll simply enter your purchase amount (in euros) before confirming.

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Buy and Sell Bitcoin and other cryptos with ZenGo application

Is the ZenGo crypto wallet application translated into other languages?

Currently not, but certainly in the next few months according to information from ZenGo's customer service. Anyway, the application is very intuitive and the features are designed to be easy to use for most people, so you won't be confused by an English version of 100%.

The ZenGo crypto wallet: Custodial or non-custodial?

A crypto wallet has a private key that allows you to sign your transactions. The vast majority of wallets offer the possibility to store this private key in the form of a mnemonic phase, which is easier to remember or write down than a random sequence of characters. When you own your private key, you own your funds.

There is a big difference between a custodial wallet and a non-custodial wallet: in a custodial wallet, a platform holds your private key and therefore your funds. In the case of the Zengo crypto wallet application we are in the case of a non-custodial wallet which means that the ZenGo wallet has no control over its users' funds.

Can we save with the ZenGo crypto wallet?

It is possible to save on the compound protocol of Ethereum or tokens including "stablecoin" with very attractive interest rates from 4 to 10% which is very interesting compared to what we know of a classic savings account as a private investor.

It is also possible to do staking which is available on Tezos and soon on other currencies which allows to participate in the protocol and in the security of the protocol: no need to send funds it remains in the wallet and therefore liquid all the time.

 Bitcoin savings accounts, it is possible to save your Bitcoins and earn 4% per year interest rate paid also in Bitcoin (Bitcoin which represents 80% of the crypto currencies exchange) and all this from the ZenGo wallet.

Save in Bitcoins with ZenGo

ZenGo offers an innovative approach to securing crypto wallets. Instead of using conventional private keys, the application uses a two-part system with one part stored on the smartphone and the other part on ZenGo's secure servers. This method guarantees optimum protection against hacking and accidental loss. What's more, it makes portfolio management much easier for users, who don't need advanced technical knowledge to ensure their security.

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